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OpenAIRE webinar. Open Research Data in H2020


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Presentation on the EC mandate on Open Access to research data in H2020 (part of the webinar "H2020 policies on Open Access and Research Data" delivered on June 12, 2019)

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OpenAIRE webinar. Open Research Data in H2020

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 Webinar June12th,2019 HermansEmilie GhentUniversity OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019
  2. 2. OpenAIREwebinar:OpenResearchDatainH2020 –12/06/2019 AIM • Improve & maximise access to & re-use of research data generated by Horizon 2020 projects ‘Publications and Data’ by Auke Herrema, licensed under CC-BY 4.0
  3. 3. EC:TheOpenResearchDataPilot Flexible ORD pilot: From limited to default in 2017 • Avoid duplication of research and loss of resources • Foster Open Science Open Access to research data (or partially opt-out) Data Management Planning
  4. 4. Requirements 1. Develop a Data Management Plan (DMP) 2. Deposit dataset in a research data repository together with the necessary information 3. Provide open access to research data, if possible 4 → primarily: data needed to validate results in scientific publications → voluntarily: any other curated and/or raw data, as specified in DMP
  5. 5. • Limitedpilotlaunchedin2014 • Pilotextendedin2017 → participatingnowdefaultoptionforallprojects! o associated data management costs fully eligible for funding (for duration of project) → butpossibilitytooptout(&notsharedata)atanystage o during application phase o during grant agreement preparation o after signature of grant agreement → projectsoptingoutstillencouragedtodevelopaDMP! Participation 5
  6. 6. (PARTIALLY) OPTING-OUT Reasons e.g. • Exploitation of results • Confidentiality, protection of personal data  BUT data sharing is only a part of data management. • Would jeopardize the main aim of the action • No data generated • Any other legitimate reason As open as possible as closed as necessary • No negative impact on evaluation when well supported
  7. 7. Degrees of data sharing 7 OPEN RESTRICTED/CONTROLLED CLOSED “Can be freely used, modified & shared by anyone for any purpose” Limits on who can access & use data, how, and/or for what purpose - only subset of data - only certain (types of) users - only certain types of use - … Under embargo Unable to share “As open as possible, as closed as necessary” Adapted from ‘Managing and sharing research data’ by S. Jones, CC-BY Participation in ORD Pilot does NOT mean you have to open up all data!
  8. 8. FAIR Data Management guidelines • Notes the extension of the pilot • Clarifies concept of FAIR data • Explains what a DMP is and when they should be updated • Notes what happens at proposal, submission and evaluation stage • Explains costs are eligible • Provides a DMP template OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019
  9. 9. Aim to make your data FAIR 9From ‘Expert Tour Guide on Data Management’ by CESSDA ERIC, CC-BY-SA EC’s Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020
  10. 10. Whatdoesitmeanin practice? OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019
  11. 11. 11 How to comply with the ORD Pilot?
  12. 12. • DMPoutlineshowresearchdatawillbehandledduring&aftera project STEP1:WRITEaDMP 12 “the compilation of many small practices that make your data easier to understand, less likely to be lost, and more likely to be usable during a project or ten years later” (Briney 2015)
  13. 13. • ‘Living’document → initialDMP o deliverable within first6 months → updatedDMP o whenever significantchanges arise o at minimumfor periodic reviews → finalDMP o in time for final review STEP1:WriteaDMP 13
  14. 14. • Whattopicstocover? → useofEC’sDMPtemplateforH2020projectsisrecommended(FAIRdataasguidingframework)! STEP1:WRITEaDMP 14 A summary of your data How to make your data FAIR Information about costs & resources Information about data security Ethical aspects  Check out EC’s Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020
  15. 15. • How to discover your data? • How to understand your data? • Where to find your data? • Can people access your data? • Metadata • Persistent identifier • Naming convention • Keywords • Versioning • Software, documentation • Data repository • Standards • Vocabulary • Methodologies • Licensing Findable ReusableInteroperable Accessible
  16. 16. OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019 HowtowriteaDMP online tool 
  17. 17. Give other users access your plan Export your plan in various formats Question Write down/enter your answer here (various formats possible) Progress indicator Section (open by clicking ‘+’ sign) Leave a comment for collaborators Custom guidance from funder, university, group…
  18. 18. Howtoselectasuitablerepository? 18 From ‘What you need to know to prepare a data management plan’ by Marjan Grootveld, licensed under CC-BY  Look for a domain specific data repository  Or, if not available an institutional data repository.  You can search for data repositories on  Or use a general-purpose open-access repository such as STEP2:FindaDataRepository
  19. 19. STEP2:FindaDataRepository 19 General-purpose repositories Institutional repositories Watch a demo: Domain-specific repositories
  20. 20. • Notallrepositoriesarecreatedequal! • Checkwhetheryourchosenrepo → hasanexplicitcommitmenttokeepdataavailablelongterm → hasacertificatetoindicatetrustworthiness → matchesyourdataneeds,e.g. o accepted formats, available accesslevels & licenses? o legal requirements for data protection? → providesalandingpageforeachdataset → providesapersistent&uniqueidentifier → chargesforitsservices STEP2:FindaDataRepository 20 Icons representing attributes of data repositories in 10.1371/journal.pone.0078080
  21. 21. • Whattodeposit? → everythingneededtofind,assess,understand,&reusedata STEP3:DEPOSITDATA 21 DATA • open/common file formats • use relevant standards for interoperability METADATA (‘data about data’) • highly structured, machine- readable • fixed set of attributes (schema) • use existing (domain-specific) standards ANY OTHER DOCUMENTATION • codebooks explaining variables • study context, protocol, methods • dataset structure • notes/annotations • software code • machine configurations • consent information • … standards
  22. 22. What about our project page? Sustainable? Services? Legal aspects? Technical standards? Findable? Don’t forget Step 2: Find a Research Data Repository
  23. 23. • Selectappropriateaccesslevel → open → restricted o e.g. authentication,approval,and/or end useragreement/license required → specifyembargoperiod,ifneeded Step3:Depositdata OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019
  24. 24. OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019 Opendata • Apply an open license: • Keep it simple: “as open as possible, as closed as necessary” • e.g. creative commons. Recommended: • Data repositories can provide licenses • • License for widest reuse possible
  25. 25. • AgoodrepositoryhelpsmakeyourdataFAIR Recommandations 25 Icons representing attributes of data repositories in
  26. 26. OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019 Example Understandable for humans Machine readable metadata Tools Open Data Open license
  27. 27. Examples of DMPs OpenAIRE webinar: Open Research Data in H2020 – 12/06/2019 Various funders but include H2020 examples • Data Management Plan (DMP) Catalogue of the LIBER Research Data Management Working Group • The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) examples
  28. 28. (Open) Data Metadata Other tools Open Research Data Pilot Data Repositories • EC guidelines • • • Standard File Formats • Standards metadata schema • (Open) Licences • 6 months • Periodic evaluation • Final review STEP 1 WRITE A DMP Update at FIND REPOSITORY DEPOSIT DATA Supporting infrastructure and information STEP 2 STEP 3 SUPPORT • discipline/institutional • • Zenodo Matches data needs Designed by Freepik
  29. 29. Thank you! @openaire_eu penAIRE3893548 Slides partly adapted from ‘Open research data & DATA mANAGEMENT in H2020 - Master Class MSCA-IF, 8 May 2019’ by M. Mertens, CC-BY