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OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard


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OpenAIRE has created Open Science monitoring and implementation services for the European Commission and European Research Council in the FP7 and Horizon2020 funding streams. OpenAIRE produces a 360-degree picture of the impact of research funding, whether at the level of programme funding stream or even individual projects. So, now, in real-time, funders can monitor their investment making an impact through the OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard which provides funders with tools for a transparent view and assessment of their investments.

Funder Monitoring Dashboard:
Use case - FWF Austrian funder:
OpenAIRE Funder Factsheet:

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OpenAIRE Funder Monitoring Dashboard

  1. 1. @openaire_eu Funder Monitoring Dashboard Angelica Vos ATHENA Research Center
  2. 2. Funder Monitoring Dashboard
  3. 3. Funders who want to monitor their investment in real-time, as it is a monitoring service that quickly responds to change with agility Who is it for Benefits Monitor investment from astrategic perspective Have full transparency for more efficient management Increase impact Funder Monitoring Dashboard
  4. 4. List of funders integrated in OpenAIRE Advanced analytics derived from production results Aggregate content New analytics and graphs Support material Factsheet for funders Guides Webinars What we offer
  5. 5. Research Statistics Tool (private funder’s space) Monitoring Portal Future plans Research Statistics Tool Portal  Links, tracks, and analyses database queries  Personalized functionalities  Tailor-made views  Limitless statistical reports generation  Real-time data visualisation as they are aggregated by OpenAIRE  URL, PNG and Textual reports export  Export, and save in funder’s device  Real-time data can be monitored at a glance  Sharing stats  Change displaying stats any time
  6. 6. How to join OpenAIRE
  7. 7. How to join OpenAIRE What we need
  8. 8. How to join OpenAIRE Funder’s factsheet
  9. 9. Funder Integration workflow
  10. 10. Funder integration workflow 1. Obtain list of projects Responsible: ARC (Angelica Vos) Actors involved: Funder, NOAD, RCs, Product Manager Note: requirements for the project list: what-do-we-need-from-funders Ensure we aggregate content (metadata and relative full-texts) from providers relevant for the funder (e.g. repositories of its country) - UNIBI - Analyse the list for project aggregation, adapt code for collection (if needed) and transformation - CNR - Analyse the list for mining & algorithm implementation Tests on arxiv and europePMC - UoA-
  11. 11. Funder integration workflow 2. Integration on the BETA infrastructure • Projects metadata aggregated in the BETA database - CNR • Algorithm integrated and tested on the Information Inference Service (IIS) – UoA, ICM • Inference run • Data provision: generation of content and statistics to be published on NOAD, Product Manager and funder check the results and give feedback
  12. 12. Funder integration workflow 3. Integration on the PRODUCTION infrastructure • Projects metadata aggregated in the PRODUCTION database - CNR • Inference run* • Data provision: generation of content and statistics to be published on NOAD, Product Manager and Funder give the green light to production Projects available to the DSpace/ePrints plugins and the claim functionality on the portal * In some cases the tech team cannot run inference before data provision: you may therefore see less links than expected because the content on the portal only features links claimed by users and collected from repositories.
  13. 13. Funders integration: status in production Funder Country # projects # publications Project aggregation schedule EC-FP7 EU ~25,891 ~245,052 Once a week EC-H2020 EU ~19,334 ~43,226 Every 2 weeks FCT PT ~37,277 ~42,647 No WT UK ~12,755 ~60,639 Once a month NHMRC AUS ~26,500 ~12,151 Once a month ARC AUS ~24,348 ~15,976 Once a month NSF USA ~497,646 ~134,000 No NIH USA ~1,682,692 ~194,532 No Funder Country # projects # publications Project aggregation schedule SNSF CH ~69,254 ~11,343 Once a month FWF AUT ~14,291 ~15,668 Once a month RCUK UK ~84,716 ~48,482 Once a month NWO NLD ~24,180 ~18,038 No MESTD SRB ~777 ~14,043 No SFI IRL ~3,411 ~3,223 No MZOS HR ~2120 ~2320 Once a week HRZZ HR ~881 ~19,347 Once a week TUBITAK TUR ~16,609 ~2024 No 16 funders (EU, AUS, USA)
  14. 14. Funders integration: status in beta Funder Country # projects # publications Project aggregation schedule Academy of Finland FIN ~16,000 ~6,615 No Gobierno de España - FECYT ESP ~6,600 ~6,786 No Fondation Tara Expéditions FRA 5 ~73 No CONICYT CHL ~8,600 ~5,200 No +4 funders (EU, Chile)
  15. 15. Use case FWF - Austrian funder
  16. 16. List of FWF projects OpenAIRE info space Link publications to projects FWF projects infered Results available on the OpenAIRE portal (BETA) FWF in OpenAIRE
  17. 17. • PROJECT IDENTIFIER • PROJECT TITLE or ACRONYM • FUNDER NAME • START- and END-DATE • FUNDING STREAM(S) • ORGANIZATION(S) INVOLVED • RECOMMENDED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT STATEMENTS • START YEAR/DATE OPEN ACCESS MANDATES for datasets and publications List of Projects: 3 steps Beta Production Monitoring Dashboard Agreemen t for Data Exchange
  18. 18. FWF charts
  19. 19. Thank you! Angelica Vos