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Open Science in the Institutional Setting (Presentation by Eva Méndez at DI4R2018 - OpenAIRE session)


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Presentation by Prof. Dr. Eva Méndez from UC3M, at the Digital Infrastructures Conference 2018, Lisbon - OpenAIRE session: The Who and the How of Open Science: A user journey in Open Science through the lens of OpenAIRE (Oct. 10, 2018)

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Open Science in the Institutional Setting (Presentation by Eva Méndez at DI4R2018 - OpenAIRE session)

  1. 1.  Photo by Dave J Hogan
  2. 2. Prof. Dr. Eva Méndez Open Science in the Institutional Setting @evamen Lisbon, 10 October 2018
  3. 3. Librarian EU-OSPP RPO-University Researcher Open Air cheer leader OS advocate Institutional Open Science with many hats
  5. 5. Eva Méndez Open Science Journey @UC3M  Where we are…  Context (RRI, HRS4R, H2020/Eu…)  Open Science WHY?  Infrastructures and figures  Where we want to be…  Open Science= global policy  Further than OA mandate, ORD, et.  How to make it possible…  Motivators of will  Ideas and strategies  Challenges Open Science @UC3M
  6. 6. Eva Méndez Open Science in the Institutional Setting Open Science: Here we are!  A systemic change in the modus operandi of science and research  Affecting the whole research cycle and its stakeholders Commissioner Carlos Moedas First meeting of the EU-OSPP. September 2016
  7. 7. SCIENCE RRI … Where openness and transparency are an integral component of the research and innovation process
  8. 8. This picture is “in evolution” keep tuned @evamen
  9. 9. Open Research Data: PSI (24/04/18)
  10. 10. Eva Méndez Open Science in the Institutional Setting Plan S (4/09/18)
  11. 11. • How to incentivize the systemic change in our university? • How does it affect our researchers?  Promotion, research assessment… • How does it affect our research infrastructures? New ones? • How does it affect our T&Learning?  Data literacies? • New scientific behavior (research integrity) • Public University + Transparency Open Science: Why? Roles and responsibilities for my institution
  12. 12. WHERE WE ARE… Infrastructures and figures
  13. 13. 1. Information about YERUN member 2. Policies 3. Infrastructures 4. Citizen Science 5. Research Integrity 6. OS Training / Education 7. Staff for OS 8. Projects 9. Open Science outreach 10.Final review and additional comments
  14. 14. UC3M does not have an OA mandate (:-O)  Does your university have an Open Access/ Open Science Policy in place? 76% 24% Yes No
  15. 15. Infrastructures: OA repository (green)
  16. 16. Why? How? Who?
  17. 17. Lead users… Scientific communities …long tail Scaleofscientificactivity(data-drivenscience) Humanities Citizen science European Open Science Cloud Lifesciences Physics Earthsciences Economics Social sciences Applied-engineering …… Scientific Landscape for Research Data… One size does not feet all!!! FAIR data: How in Universities? Slide based in Burgelman
  18. 18. EOSC Image from the children’s story by Maurice Sendak
  19. 19. Infraestructures: Data repository
  20. 20. Infraestructures: Expert finder (connect!)
  21. 21. Infrastructures/Spaces: citizen science Open from: 01/10/18
  22. 22. UC3M OA: Gold OA
  23. 23. UC3M OA: Green OA (eArchivo)
  24. 24. WHERE WE WANT TO BE…
  25. 25. OBJECTIVE: Open Science Global policy Be prepared for a Nationa OS policy + HEurope  Publications:  From 26% OA (Repository) to 100% 2020 :-O (94% -- 85% realistic)  All the thesis and dissertations  Research Data:  Incentivate shareData culture (thesis)  Proactive management of research Data: FAIR Data  Citizen science  maker space / Innovation  Training in Open Science (ECR but also PIs)  New incentives  Openness and transparency part of Research Integrity
  27. 27. Eva Méndez Open Science Journey @UC3M Motivators of will… (for academics) SEDUCTION
  28. 28. Eva Méndez Open Science Journey @UC3M UniOS by SEDUCTION  UniOS: Open Science Unit  Library + Research Service  + Researchers (including ECR)  An operational unit to support and help OS @UC3M Join us! Let’s make it happen
  29. 29. Department / Team FOS (Full Open Science)  Pilot with voluntary departments or research teams  Supported by UniOS  The experience will lead the OS policy  Analysis of results and experiences after 1 year
  30. 30. Analysis and strategies  ++ Institutional (auto)analysis  Researchers’ survey (Nov-Dic 2018). (OS & Career development)  Participation in projects and inititatives:  Excellent Open Scientist Award (YERUN) (pilot to test new indicators OS)  Open Science Event – YERUN GA Antwerp (March 2019)  University Journals (LERU/U. Amsterdam)  new platform for OA publication from repositories
  31. 31. Alliances  International: YERUN (LERU, EUA, etc.)  National: CRUE / FECYT  Regional: Madroño  Other: Local, institutional…
  32. 32.  Cultural change (researchers mindset) [Darling, we need to talk!!]  Education (Skills)  training ECR but also senior researchers  Strategic alignment internal policies (GLOBAL, OPEN, DIGITAL)  Attitude CC: Conviction & Confidence  Demonstrate the impact of Open Knowledge  Then… the easy will be to create the Open Science policy @UC3M. Challenges
  33. 33. Thank you!! Prof. Dr. Eva Méndez @evamen