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FAIR Working Group


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The first workshop of the series "Services to support FAIR data" took place in Prague during the EOSC-hub week (on April 12, 2019).
Speaker: Sarah Jones (DCC)

Published in: Science
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FAIR Working Group

  1. 1. Title Subtitle EOSC Executive Board FAIR working group Sarah Jones EOSC Executive Board Presentation provides personal views – not EC or EB endorsed
  2. 2. EOSC Governance Stakeholders Forum Governance Board Advise on the implementation Steer the implementation Contribute to the implementation Coordination and Support Action Users, Service Providers, Public sector, Industry, SMEs, etc. WG WG WG WG EU-funded projects Nationally-funded projects and initiatives Other projects and initiatives Extended Coalition of Doers Proposes Monitors Reports Reviews Endorses Orients Working Groups European stakeholder organisations and individual experts SupportsSupports Supports/ coordinates w. Executive Board MS/AC delegates and the European Commission 2019-2020 Interact
  3. 3. Agreed workplans Independence Give and take…. WG remits Views on what should be delivered Role to coordinate, advise & EB endorse
  4. 4. FAIR in H2020 INFRAEOSC + others • EOSC-Nordic • EOSC-Pillar • EOSC-synergy • ExPaNDS • NI4OS-Europe
  5. 5. Others expected to come • Skills • Communications • Going global • … Initial Working Groups Landscape WG Rules of Participation WG Architecture WG FAIR WG Sustainability WG All intersect
  6. 6. • 3 x nominations from GB • 3 x nominations from EB • 6 x open call • EB coordinator (Sarah Jones) • Member of EOSCsecretariat • EC representatives WG Composition • Want people who will WORK • Need key skills / experience • Emphasise researcher inputs not service providers • Avoid mixing personnel with projects undertaking delivery • Ensure balance
  7. 7. • Coordinate activities that implement Open and FAIR practice in EOSC • Advise EOSC governance on FAIR-related matters • Close links with Architecture WG, Rules of Participation, Sustainability, Skills… Deliverables • Annual FAIR workplan based on FAIR Action Plan • Requirements to inform development of services steered by Architecture WG • Community data standards and sharing agreements • Interoperability framework that overarches disciplinary approaches • Agree and implement a Persistent Identifier Policy • Frameworks for certification of FAIR data and FAIR services FAIR WG - Remit
  8. 8. FAIR Expert Group What needs to be done to make FAIR a reality, in general and for EOSC?
  9. 9. Recommendations  Annual Work Plan
  10. 10. • FAIR data expert group report and Action Plan • RDA WG on FAIR data maturity model • Community good practices emerging via projects (e.g. ENVRI-FAIR, FAIR4Health, FAIRplus…) Specific inputs from FAIRsFAIR • D3.2 / 3.4 FAIR data practice analysis and recommendations • D2.2 Recommendations for FAIR semantics • D2.7 Framework for assessing FAIR services • D4.2 Repository certification mechanism • D4.5 FAIR metrics and data assessment • D3.7 Report on integration of metadata catalogues • D6.3 competence centres • D6.5-D6.7 3 reports on CODATA schools for different audiences / business models • D7.3 FAIR competence framework for Higher Education • D3.8 Changes in FAIR data policy and practice FAIR WG - Inputs ScopeDefineImplement
  11. 11. • Signing an MOU to coordinate with INFRAEOSC 5B projects • Engaging with other initiatives working on FAIR • FAIRsFAIR sychronisation taskforce to liaise with EOSC WGs • Model for others? Interact FAIRsFAIR plansHow to interact?
  12. 12. Thanks for listening! Questions? Twitter: @sjDCC