Compliancy for DSpace repository platforms
AddonsDSpace 1.6.2
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OpenAIRE: Making your repository OpenAIRE compliant: Tutorials and short videos


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Tutorials/short videos about making your repository OpenAIRE compliant. (Jan. 2012 - January is OpenAIRE compliance month.)

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OpenAIRE: Making your repository OpenAIRE compliant: Tutorials and short videos

  1. 1. Compliancy for DSpace repository platforms AddonsDSpace 1.6.2 HTTP://PROJECTO.RCAAP.PT/INDEX.PHP/LANG-PT/CONSULTAR-RECURSOS-DE-APOIO/REMOSITORY?FUNC=SELECT&ID=31 OAIextended v.2 (2010-10-08) The OAI Extended Addon is an Addon (or a patch to be more precise) to the DSpace platform that extends the base functionality of the OAI-PMH interface already built into DSpace and delivers repository administrators more power, flexibility and functionalities to select and filter the information they wish to expose to the outside world. Initially the purpose of the OAI Extended Addon was to modify the OAI Interface's output, showing only items that were compliant with the DRIVER Guidelines. This new release of the Addon provides also the tools to create a set according to the requirements of the OpenAIRE Guidelines, helping European repositories to become OpenAIRE compliant. Despite being primary and mainly motivated by the DRIVER Guidelines, the development of the Addon was done with a focus on the flexibility, originating the OAI Extended Interface. Because of this, the Addon may be completely adjusted to other environments as its components can easily be configured, changed or extended, to respond to different information needs. OAIextended v.2.2 (2011-03-29) Compliance with embargoed itens for OpenAIRE Project- New FAQ's for installing addon OAIextended v2.3 (2011-07-26) Changelog - Suports schema ETDMS - Suports schema DIDL (active by default) - New virtual set (thesis) - New filter (ThesisFilter) OpenAIRE Authority Control Addon (2011-09-19) Using a list provided by the OpenAIRE community, this Authority Control provides a way to list and verify OpenAIRE projects. The list of projects is maintained as a web-service, so, a local cache is created in order to be queried by users. Only adds the correct value in dc.relation field. Needs the OAIextendedAddon to create the ec_fundedresourcesset. AddonsDSpace 1.7.2 HTTP://PROJECTO.RCAAP.PT/INDEX.PHP/LANG-PT/CONSULTAR-RECURSOS-DE-APOIO/REMOSITORY?FUNC=SELECT&ID=40 OAIextendedAddon v2.4 (2011-10-25) (…) OpenAIRE Authority Control Addon v1.2 (2011-10-25) (…)