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20191129_EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH)

This OpenAIRE and EOSC-hub webinar covers Horizon 2020 rules and good practices approaches to addressing Open Data, Open Science and research results exploitation in Consortium Agreements and in Data Management Plans. It also specifically covers the issues of concern between Open Science and exploitation (patents, spin offs/ outs, confidentiality), business planning and licensing strategies.

Presenter: Sy Holsinger, EOSC DIH Coordinator

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20191129_EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC DIH)

  1. 1. EOSC-hub receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 777536. @EOSC_DIH Sy Holsinger, EOSC DIH Coordinator 29 November 2019 Public-Private Partnerships and Innovation Management
  2. 2. Project Results and Key Exploitable Results Innovation Management 2
  3. 3. Any tangible or intangible output of the project that is generated in the project, whatever its form or nature, whether or not it can be protected, as well as any rights attached to it, including intellectual property rights. Things that need to be taken forward after the project - Products, services, data, knowledge or information 18/12/2019 3 Project results managed by innovation mgt?
  4. 4. 4 Innovation strategy – all roads lead to EOSC? EOSC-hub Results KER KER KER KER KER KER KER KER KER PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR PRPRPRPR PRPRPRPRPRPR Roles Categories The Hub Portfolio One size (doesn’t) fit all Goal / priority Ensure success of EOSC by ensuring continued availability of KERs and other results for EOSC community. EOSC Service Portfolio Service Service Service Service ServiceService Service Service Service Service Service Service
  5. 5. 18/12/2019 5 Exploitation landscape – Positioning the DIH?
  6. 6. EOSC Digital Innovation Hub Example of a project KER 6
  7. 7. 20/04/2018 7 Innovation in the DIH context What is a Digital Innovation Hub? An ecosystem of start-ups, SMEs, large industries, researchers, accelerators and investors that fosters the creation of partnerships to stimulate innovation.
  8. 8. EOSC identified as a key component Created the EOSC DIH 8
  9. 9. e-Infrastructure projects - Project starts and ends in the middle of the lifecycles of the innovations  Considerable background IP - Building an open innovation platform -> enabler, maximal openness Open source community (used both by industry and EOSC!) - Drivers: reputation, kudos, acknowledgement (usually focused on an individual) - IP protection as a tool to support the drivers - Archetypes: Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds Commercial development - IP protection a driver in itself (IP ownership generating revenue) - Ideal: rewards based on utility value - Archetypes: Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison 18/12/2019 9 DIH stakeholders - Different views to IP issues
  10. 10. Role of Industry in the EOSC Procurement Participate in the procurement framework (specific WP) Customer Making use of existing EOSC services Provider Offering services to EOSC Partner Co-development 10 IPR becomes very important
  11. 11. EOSC DIH: Services • Pilots/proofs of concepts • Service/Product design • PaaS/SaaS Integration • Performance verification • Testing Piloting and co-design • Technical consultancy • Service management • Commercialization and business coaching • Brokerage to funding and opportunities Training & Support • Compute (HTC, HPC, Cloud) • Storage (Online/Archive) • Data management • Research data • Tools & applications Technical access • Media Exposure • Participation to events • Promotional print material • Inclusion in marketplace • Networking Visibility 11
  12. 12. Business pilots
  13. 13. Knowledge Flow External capacitation • Access to the DIH services catalogue • Training (FitSM) • Joint events Community building • Brokerage services • Training and documentation • Access to tools and support • Shared vouchers Matchmaking • Workshops • Documentation • Helpdesk (Technological platform) (Associations and clusters) (Start-up ecosystems)
  14. 14. Onboarding procedure Innovation Management? 14 Selection of Pilot Lead • Requested services • Potential timelines • Technical requirement Collect Offers from providers Selection process EOSC-Hub Project office approval • Match request • Cost • Availability /Reliability • Balance Agreement Operational Level Agreement (OLA) • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) • Service Level Agreement (SLA) • IPR aspects .xls Customer Service Providers Agreement
  15. 15. 20/04/2018 15 The current DIH IP approach • DIH partnership doesn’t require giving EOSC-hub access to IP – ”You leave with what you come in with” • Collaboration builds EOSC-hub innovation assets – Skills, social capital, contact networks • Jointly developed IP? – Issue likely arise – Assumption: needs to be managed on case by case basis
  16. 16. @EOSC_DIH Questions? EOSC DIH Team • Sy Holsinger (EGI) • Elisa Cauhe (EGI) • Marcin Plociennik (PSNC) • Agnieszka Rabenda-Tomczak (PSNC) • Konrad Leszczynski (PSNC) • Claudio Arlandini (CINECA) • Giuseppe Fiameni (CINECA) • Nuno Varandas (F6S) • Hugo Cantão (F6S) • Catherine O'Donoghue (F6S) • David Wright (UCL) EOSC DIH Partners
  17. 17. 18/12/2019 17 [Handover to the other speakers] Open Science and Exploitation – the Perfect Frenemies?