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Is Magento the best eCommerce Platform Infographic by Opace


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Is Magento the best free platform for eCommerce?

There are so many different reasons why Magento is the best free eCommerce platform from its in-built SEO capabilities to the scalability it offers growing businesses. Magento is open source, highly customisable, SEO friendly and extremely scalable. It’s arguably one of the best free eCommerce platforms on the planet and its 238,000 users are sure to agree. Today it’s paramount that all eCommerce websites are responsive. If not, businesses risk alienating customers and losing out on Google’s mobile search ranking benefits. One of the easiest ways to go responsive is to sign up to Magento. If you’re thinking of using Magento you’re making a great choice.

For their latest infographic, Opace has decided to showcase all of the great things about Magento and why it deserves the title of the best free eCommerce platform.

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