Case Study: AlertBoot


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Case Study: AlertBoot

  1. 1. Case Study AlertBoot Improves Availability and Saves 75 Percent By Migrating to the OpSource CloudCase Study Highlights “Thanks in large part to OpSource, we’ve been able to trim our operating expenses by more than 75% and enable us to focus on• Cost-effective, scalable disk encryption and laptop data product innovation instead of maintenance.” security for individuals and organizations. Tim Maliyil Chief Executive Officer• Challenge: Reduce costs while maintaining high availability AlertBoot Secure Encryption for End-point Computers and control. through the Cloud AlertBoot offers a web-based suite of data security tools for individuals• Solution: OpSource Cloud and organizations that need cost-effective, scalable disk encryption and Hosting. laptop data security. As a managed service, AlertBoot software makes• OpSource was selected as the it easy to protect data, while eliminating the IT costs associated with cloud hosting provider based on implementing and managing an “in-house” data encryption and security reliability, control, and cost. solution. AlertBoot: • Provides data at rest protection using industry-leading disk encryption with pre-boot authentication based on the SafeGuard Enterprise Security Engine from Sophos. • Offloads end-user encryption key management, end-user support, and device management through a web-based console. • Limits a user’s ability to transfer data to removable devices and drives and synchronizes with devices remotely for easy configuration, deployment, and reporting. • Offers customizable reporting designed to help achieve regulatory and audit compliance and scales quickly and easily with cost-effective licensing. • Lets users protect files and portable USB keys so they stay encrypted regardless of where they go. Challenge: Reduce Costs While Maintaining Reliability and Control AlertBoot serves more than 4,000 retail endpoints and protects more than 200,000 computers worldwide. It is critical that AlertBoot’s web servers and applications are available 100 percent of the time. “If our systems went down, we could prevent end-users from resetting their© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. ALERTBOOT IMPROvES AvAILABILITy And SAvES 75 PERCEnT By Migrating tO the OpSOUrce cLOUd password, locking them out of give us a high level of control, their systems,” says Tim Maliyil, while taking away the headaches AlertBoot’s CEO. of managing it,” says Maliyil. In addition, AlertBoot collects Solution compliance data for its enterprise Over a period of months, Maliyil customers and makes it available researched a number of cloud through on-line reports. hosting providers, going so far as “Prolonged downtime could make to verify datacenter locations and us and our customers fall out of physically look at the equipment. compliance with data security Some providers used equipment regulations,” says Maliyil. Maliyil wasn’t familiar with,“Since going live with the but one provider stood out. Ensuring that level of systems The OpSource Cloud used theOpSource Cloud, we’ve not reliability required considerable same high-quality vendors thatexperienced any downtime. resources. “We had a datacenter AlertBoot relied on and trustedThey’ve been up 100 percent with at least $2 million in for its own private cloud, Cisco,of the time with no issues.” equipment and four or five vMware and EMC. full-time IT staff,” recalls Maliyil.Tim MaliyilCEO All that equipment ran at half OpSource also provided its capacity because AlertBoot clients with a high level of maintained a 100-percent control. Others offered too much redundancy as an insurance abstraction from the customer. policy. The effort was successful. “I like complete control over my Over a ten-year period, AlertBoot infrastructure, and I’m willing to consistently achieved five-nines give up some of it, but not to the of uptime – 100 percent in some point where I’m left in the dark years. But the cost and stress of when something goes down,” managing this environment was says Maliyil. taking its toll. Convinced that OpSource might In early 2010, with a multi- be the right choice, Maliyil set million dollar hardware refresh up a rigorous test environment. cycle coming up, Maliyil became “We made virtual machines interested in Infrastructure as a crash, brought systems down, Service (IaaS) offered through killed connectivity, and we a public cloud hosting provider. called OpSource support. They AlertBoot had been running on were there 24/7 to support us. It a private cloud since 2006 and was was a good six weeks of worst- comfortable with virtualization. case scenario testing before we “Between the capital expense made the decision to migrate and the stress on our IT staff and our production systems to the developers, we spent a good OpSource Cloud.” deal of our money and a lot of manhours keeping our systems up AlertBoot scheduled the cutover and running. What we needed was for August 1, 2010. “I was anxious, a cloud hosting provider that could hadn’t slept for 36 hours worrying© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. ALERTBOOT IMPROvES AvAILABILITy And SAvES 75 PERCEnT By Migrating tO the OpSOUrce cLOUd about glitches and customer experienced a slowdown. Maliyil complaints. We flipped the switch. had budgeted a 100-percent Our customers had no idea what increase in hosting expenses for had happened. OpSource came the added servers. Instead, the through with flying colors.” increase was just 30 percent. “It Today OpSource provides only spun up what we needed,” AlertBoot with approximately says Maliyil. “It was the smartest 100 virtual servers in addition to use of our money during the network connectivity and storage. Holiday season.” More recently, OpSource Handing over AlertBoot’s introduced Maliyil to the infrastructure to OpSource hasn’t ability to scale resources up deprived Maliyil of the control he and down quickly and easily wanted. “One of the key features through an OpSource application that OpSource offers is their programming interface (API). management console, which gives AlertBoot has taken advantage me the control and visibility I was of this feature. Whenever server looking for.” performance slows, additional servers are automatically spun Additionally, Maliyil said, “Rather up using the API, and spun down than continuing to have to spend when they are no longer needed. capital to buy equipment to enable our growth, we were Impact: Reliability, Scalability, able to reduce our operating Control, and Cost costs and capital requirements. The single most important OpSource’s reliability and requirement for both AlertBoot expertise have completely and its customers was reliability. alleviated our concerns about Any downtime could have a performance and availability. serious impact on customer The business value provided satisfaction and the bottom by OpSource Cloud Hosting is line. “Since going live with the unparalleled in the industry.” OpSource Cloud, we’ve not experienced any downtime. the cost efficiencies of the They’ve been up 100 percent OpSource Cloud have proven of the time with no issues,” out for Maliyil. “Thanks in proclaims Maliyil. large part to OpSource, we’ve been able to trim our operating The ability to quickly spin up expenses by more than $85,000 additional servers came in handy a month and enable us to during the Holiday season in focus on product innovation 2010. Retail sales volume typically instead of maintenance. That doubles at that time each year. represents a 75% reduction in Thanks to the OpSource API, the operating expenses.” point-of-sale application never© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. ALERTBOOT IMPROvES AvAILABILITy And SAvES 75 PERCEnT By Migrating tO the OpSOUrce cLOUd About AlertBoot alertBoot offers cloud-based full disk encryption, USB drive encryption and a comprehensive suite of disk security solutions as a centralized, managed service for companies of all sizes. By encrypting fixed and external hard disks and removable media, AlertBoot prevents unauthorized access to mobile and stationary endpoint devices. Headquartered in Las vegas, AlertBoot offers a cost-effective, web-based secure full disk encryption service for organizations that want highly scalable, easy-to-deploy hard disk encryption and laptop data security. For more information about AlertBoot, follow @AlertBoot on Twitter, visit AlertBoot’s Facebook fan page or view the youTube channel. About OpSource Founded in 2002, OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting solutions that enable businesses to accelerate growth and scale operations while controlling costs and reducing IT infrastructure support risks. headquartered in Santa clara, with operations in california, Virginia, the UK, ireland, and india, more than 600 enterprises, service providers and Software-as-a-Service ISvs rely on OpSource’s expertise, experience and cloud automation technology to operate high-availability, business-critical hosting environments. OpSource is a dimension data company. Corporate Headquarters 5201 great america parkway, Suite 120, Santa clara, ca 95054, 1-800-664-9973 (USa) +353 1 661 9979 (EMEA),,© 2011 OpSource, Inc. All rights reserved.