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Sessie II Collecting Collections | Netwerkdag 2019| Janneke Jorna


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Janneke Jorna and Michael Hoffmann dive into the collection plan of Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen. This plan aims to enrich the Netwerk's collection portal and to collect data for the new portal The collection plan currently focuses on the liberation of the Netherlands, in the context of the celebration of 75 years Freedom and on adding international collections. The first international participant of Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen, Arolsen Archives (before: International Tracing Service) supplies data on prisoners at the concentration camps in Amersfoort and Vught. This gives new insight into the lives of people during the Second World War.

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Sessie II Collecting Collections | Netwerkdag 2019| Janneke Jorna

  1. 1. Collecting collections Michael Hoffmann Janneke Jorna Head of the Division process-management&new technologies Collectiespecialist Arolsen Archives Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen
  2. 2. Current situation ➔11.359.122 sources on Oorlogsbronnen ➔267.339 people on Oorlogslevens
  3. 3. Collection plan ➔75 years of Freedom ➔International collections ➔Data for Oorlogslevens
  4. 4. NIOD collection
  5. 5. Collecting collections, but also data Oorlogslevens
  6. 6. CBG
  7. 7. Collecting and connecting collections