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My Accounts


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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My Accounts

  1. 1. My Accounts
  2. 2. Wikispaces About Wikispaces. The cool thing you can do in Wikispaces is that you can read and write a page. Also the teacher can put information on a page and we can do what the information he typed up on the page. I can go to Wikispaces from home by just go on internet and go to Or I can come to school and go to wikispaces. Or in internet i can go to Google and type wikispaces and go there.
  3. 3. eMac account About eMac accounts. In eMac accounts we can customize our account and do what ever we want to do on it. We also can change background, screen savors and all sorts of things. We can download stuffs on the account as well. I can't go to eMac accounts from my house because I have to come to school to see my account. I have to type my password on it.
  4. 4. First Class About First Class email accounts. The cool things we can do in First Class email accounts is that we can download it on computers. Then we can chat with people online and get emails from other people at the same time. We can save peoples in a file and all sorts of things. I can go to First Class by going to internet and our school site address and tiger mail. Or i can come to school and go on first class because it is downloaded on. Or i can do the same thing at my house.
  5. 5. iGoogle About iGoogle. In iGoogle we can customize it just for our selves. We can add tabs and do games. A awesome thing is that when we add a tab and it says do you want gadgets of the following stuff. Then it automatically add gadgets on it. I can go to iGoogle by going to Google and go to iGoogle. I can come to school and do the same thing or just go to iGoogle.
  6. 6. Blogger #5 About Blogger. In Blogger we can put blogs on it and posts on it. And other people can read it too. I never knew there was such a thing that could do that. I also didn't knew there was Blogger in Google. I can go to Blogger by going to Google and Blogger. I can do it in the school. Or I can go to