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Carrefour Smart Shopping - powered by Onyx Beacon - 2015


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World premiere: Carrefour Hypermarkets have installed large networks of iBeacons to guide and inform in-store customers
The european retail leader Carrefour has recently placed extensive iBeacon networks in all 28 of its hypermarkets in Romania. This is the first project of its kind at global level which passes the tests phase and openly interacts with the public at the level of an entire commercial network.
The solution uses 600 Onyx Beacon One devices and delivers to consumers, at the level of an entire national retail network, a guided shopping experience, personalized and enriched by the content delivered to their mobile devices.

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Carrefour Smart Shopping - powered by Onyx Beacon - 2015

  1. 1. Smart Shopping In-store navigation and contextual information for customers, based on iBeacon technology
  2. 2. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING Carrefour, the european retail leader, has placed extensive iBeacon networks in all 28 of its hypermarkets in Romania. The solution uses 600 Beacon One devices, produced by Onyx Beacon.
  3. 3. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING In each hypermarket of the network were placed Beacon One devices, located individually in every store department. The retailer has created a free mobile application available on Google Play.
  4. 4. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING Special shopping carts with new Samsung tablets installed on handles are waiting for the customers at the entrance. Visitors are invited to use the Smart Shopping mobile app, on the shopping carts or on their mobile phones.
  5. 5. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING Select the store departments where do you want to go and note the names or categories that you intent to buy. The application calculates a route, and shows you a path to follow on the store map, in a manner similar to GPS devices.
  6. 6. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING As you advance, the route is updated and the tablet or your mobile phone shows your next directions. At each aisle where you stop, you'll get notifications, representing special offers and active promotions.
  7. 7. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING The beacons system and their cloud management platform can collect a number of important analytical data and statistics. Retailers will better understand consumer behavior in the store and will optimize routes, merchandising or human resources.
  8. 8. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING Tracking, analysis and communication commonly used in online commerce are imported and implemented in traditional retail. By using micro-location and presence detection, retailers can synchronize their online and offline commercial operations.
  9. 9. www.onyxbeacon.comCARREFOUR – SMART SHOPPING Marketing activities characterized by customization, accuracy, efficiency and contextualization represent a higher stage in the evolution of marketing for traditional trade. Upgrade your Marketing to RIGHTKETING: communicate the right message to the right consumer, at the ideal time and place.
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