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Learn About The Web™ Business Solutions


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In this presentation, Learn About The Web ( discuss their online education solutions for businesses.

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Learn About The Web™ Business Solutions

  1. 1. Executive Workshop Introductory Presentation STRATEGY& LEADERSHIP Online
  2. 2. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Contents Executive Summary The New Online Landscape/Questions Good/Bad News – Business Challenges Why Not Delegate This To IT/Marketing? Value Proposition – Why LATW? Online Case Studies Final Thoughts7 5/31/2014 2 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. 3. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb “Refusing to communicate with your clients via social media will soon be as harmful to companies as ignoring phone calls or emails is today.” Today’s e-Business Landscape 5/31/2014Copyright © 2013 Learn About The Web3
  4. 4. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Executive Summary Learn About The Web Inc. offers a 3-day Executive Workshop for business leaders. This Executive Workshop is designed to help executives:  Identify gaps in their current online marketing and sales strategy  Adapt traditional business strategies to reflect the realities of new online markets  Understand and create a new set of online performance metrics  Continuously Monitor online business performance going forward This presentation will attempt to do the following:  Describe the current state of social networking and online commerce  Talk about the challenges executives face and how to overcome them  Discuss the value proposition our LATW Executive Workshop offers  Provide some real life case studies of companies that are successful online 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web4
  5. 5. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb The New e-Business Landscape 90% Purchase decisions begin online $30B Social commerce sales in the next 5 years 58% Businesses save big on marketing costs 90% Consumers trust their peers Social Media is now a force to be reckoned with ECONOMIC IMPACT = $900B ~ $1.3T *Source: McKinsey & Company 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web5
  6. 6. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Questions to Ponder Ask yourself…  How do you define success in the online marketplace?  Are you and your organization leveraging the power of the Internet?  Do you understand enough about how to define success online?  Does your executive team have the tools required to drive online success? Are you achieving results like these? Used Twitter to create “Dell Outlet” and booked $3 million in revenue in one year from Twitter postings. Created an Apple iPhone application that generated one million dollars in sales in the first three months. Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web 5/31/20146 By one estimate, Wal-Mart's Facebook page is worth over $586 million dollars. Their 8 million Facebook fans are 28% more likely to continue using the brand and 41% more likely to recommend it to a friend.
  7. 7. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb The Good News * According to the 2012 Forrester Research report 0~15% Site traffic increase by having the right SEO +20~50% Conversion rates ( Visitors to Leads ) -10~20% Service Calls 70~500% Return on Investment Now more than ever before, It makes business sense to invest in social media Here are some pertinent statistics… 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web7
  8. 8. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb The Bad News The problem is years of traditional business experience simply aren’t enough to keep your business competitive online. Selling effectively online requires a whole new set of tools and strategies… Interesting Fact - In a recent Forrester business survey, 28% of research participants had no idea whether or not their web presence had achieved any level of brand loyalty. Too many executives lack the knowledge and tools required to… • Understand online customers / competitors • Analyze pertinent metrics • Assemble the right sales and marketing teams • Ask leadership teams pertinent questions regarding online strategy • Put together a comprehensive and exhaustive strategy for online business success 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web8
  9. 9. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb More Bad News The Language of Business is Changing THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION How can Executives effectively delegate without understanding this new online landscape? The ever changing technology lexicon creates barriers to communication. Executives must overcome these barriers to evaluate: • Strategies • Implementations • Results • Metrics 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web9
  10. 10. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb The Natural Urge – Just Delegate this to I.T. or Marketing THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION Are you prepared to lead? Not this time. The dynamic nature of these new tools requires a comprehensive and integrated response across all key departments. Senior management in Sales, Finance, Marketing, Business Development, I.T. and Operations all have a part to play and they’re looking to you for leadership… 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web10
  11. 11. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Business leaders must refresh their existing (traditional) skillsets in order to achieve greater online efficiencies and profitability. Solution Our integrated approach allows executives to:  Re-define business objectives in terms of online business metrics  Develop a new set of tools and strategies to maximize online profits  Think more strategically about online visitors, customers and competition  Explore key online opportunities in terms of current strategy  Review industry best practices and case studies 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web11
  12. 12. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb 3-Day Executive Worksho Strategic Vision Gain deeper insight into the online economy and assess the impact of integrating online and traditional marketing strategies Framework for Analysis We’ll provide you with an analytical framework to help you stay on top of the ever-changing online marketplace Risk Mitigation We’ll take a cursory look at some of the legal, security and ethical issues that may be impacting your online marketing efforts EnhancedStrategicThinking You’ll leave the workshop with techniques to help you with creative problem solving in an online context A Roadmap for Online Success We’ll help you with the outlines of a roadmap for meeting strategic online goals and achieving ROI
  13. 13. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb 3 Days e-Business General Education for e-Business Split-curriculum ExecutionEvaluation MonetizationMarketing EconomicsPsychology Writing for the Web Law & EthicsStrategy Interwoven into each session LATW Workshop Highlights 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web13
  14. 14. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Foundation Evaluation Execution Marketing Monetization • Online business models & strategies • Globalization, Disintermediation, and Information Asymmetry • Pricing strategies • Competitive analysis • SEO concepts • Brainstorming tools overview • Case Studies and Discussions • Functional & technical requirements • Design considerations • Hosting options • Staffing models • Outsourcing & Project Management • Case Studies and Discussions • Push vs. Pull dynamics • E-Marketing overview • Social media • Community building strategies • E-Branding • Metrics, reporting tools • Email harvesting • Surveys, competitions, and giveaways • Case Studies and Discussions • Monetization strategies • Affiliate strategies • CPC/CPM/CPA • Distribution for e-business • Payment & receivables options • Monetizing a community • Reporting and analytics • Case Studies and Discussions • Introduction to the LATW program • Technology convergence • Infrastructure overview • Online business primer including concepts & lexicon • E-Business Tools overview • Case Studies and Discussions LATW Workshop Highlights PLUS: Core academic concepts interwoven into each session: • Writing for the web • Blogging syntax • SEO awareness • Tone and consistency • Consumer interpretation and interaction online • Influencing online consumer behavior • Micro-transactions and micro economy • International commerce • Managing a global workforce • Generic strategy • Differentiation • Metrics/KPIs • Monetization • Security • Protecting your site • Protecting your consumers • Ethical implications • Site governance and compliance 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web14
  15. 15. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Why Learn About The Web? Learn About The Web’s executive workshop is a unique and highly differentiated educational experience Differentiators • Taught in tandem by e-business professionals and educators • Bridges traditional business and technology education • Teaches an integrated web presence strategy – The integration of a website and a web marketing strategy • Workshops are offered at your business location, a Learn About the Web facility, or at a partnering University campus • One of kind, personalized, educational experience • Proven and predictable results • Scalable methodology  Works for any size business  Can be applied to any consumer market • Lifetime membership to the LATW online educational portal 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web15
  16. 16. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Value Proposition – What Are You Getting? It’s really simple. You give us 3 days and we’ll bring you up to speed on:  The New Online Landscape: We’ll talk about names, tools and tactical options..  Customer Expectations: You need to know what the new normal is for websites..  Competitive Analysis: Find out where your site is relative to others in your industry..  Being PROFITABLE Online: We’ll get you up to speed on e-commerce best practices.. Here’s what you’ll take away from the workshop… KPIs, tools to measure performance New strategies, tools and methodologies Lexicon, tools and techniques 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web16
  17. 17. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies The difference between success and failure Let’s take a look at some companies who have taken advantage of the strategic advantage the web provides... 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web17
  18. 18. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies BURBERRY leveraged social microsites to secure 1,000,000 fans and a 10% increase in same-store sales. 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web18
  19. 19. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies Specialty RetailersJIMMY CHOO took advantage of geo-location tools to feature upscale stores where their sneakers were available. Sales saw a +33% increase. 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web19
  20. 20. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies IKEA used Facebook’s tagging pictures option to promote its showroom products and saw a +15% increase in sales. 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web20
  21. 21. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies QUICKEN launched a social community and blogger outreach and subsequently received 425,000 visits and 70,000 accounts. All this without spending a dollar on traditional advertising. 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web21
  22. 22. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies IBM leveraged crowd-sourcing to identify 10 best incubator businesses to fund for $100M and generated $100B in revenue with a 44.1% gross profit margin 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web22
  23. 23. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies COFFEE GROUNDZ Used Twitter as a direct ordering channel for customers to gain a reported 20%-30% increase in company sales and market share 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web23
  24. 24. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies DOMINO’S credited Foursquare with a 29% pre-tax profit through promotions that encourage people to check in to the stores . 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web24
  25. 25. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Online Case Studies GREEN BAY PACKERS FOUNDATION built an online charitable fund-raising campaign in 2009 which generated $248M in sales. 5/31/2014Copyright © 2014 Learn About The Web25
  26. 26. Copyright©2012LearnAboutTheWeb Final Thoughts How can your business strategy fully leverage the power of the internet? Can you identify ineffective online marketing strategies and correct them? Is your Executive Team equipped to manage online business success? Learn About The Web Executive Workshops. Does your understanding of the online marketplace allow you to effectively analyze your competition? Give us a call at 1 888 718 0777
  27. 27. 1. Forrester: Lessons Learned From 1,500 Website User Experience Reviews (partial access) 2. ComputerWeekly Video: Gartner urges business to integrate social media and CRM 3. Gartner Predicts That Refusing to Communicate by Social Media Will Be as Harmful to Companies as Ignoring Phone Calls or Emails Is Today 4. Gartner Says Worldwide Social Media Revenue Forecast to Reach $16.9 Billion in 2012 5. 80 Percent of Social Business Efforts Will Not Achieve Intended Benefits Through 2015 6. Harvard Business Review: Rethinking the 4P’s (partial access) 7. iMedia Connection: 5 reasons your website is losing money 8. Business Insider: 4 Companies Who are Losing Millions in Mobile Advertising 9. Pure Driven: 7 Warning Signs your Website is Losing You Money Supporting Materials