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Robyn shyllit

  1. 1. Water, Rocks and Trees BUILDING UPON OUR RICH RESOURCES:The Creative Economy in Muskoka
  2. 2. 1. What are the current characteristics of Muskoka’s creative economy?2. What are Muskoka’s challenges, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities?3. How does Muskoka compare to other creative rural communities in Ontario?4. How can this information be applied to the development of the creative economy?
  3. 3. Defining D arwin’s cr eative spi Darwin is rit renowned But what as a city a Creativity, Tourism and just what sets it apa Tess Lea a rt and dri live with cr ves its crea eativ it y an d colour. nd a team tive worker L FORU M Economic Development in a of researc hers aim s? That’s to uncover LTURA .RURAL CU land: Rural Context: the case of al Eng tegy for Rur al Prince Edward County l Stra text ultura l Capit Amy Dyt Much has Cultura been said Canada’s about Darw y and C photogra remotenes s, climate, in’s distin A reativit ph cultural di ction from eCotriivoe Barry Ledw and itinera other coas unity C idge nt people versity, an tal cities. d unusual omm qualities al contribute Its size, Cr a r d r mix of tour g in Rural C Working Paper Series: so have m ade Darw to its uniq in a cookin ue flavour , culture an ists, backpa ckers Investin Now, for th d identity. Martin Prosperity Research including e first tim staff at Ch e, a team of specialis g pot for a vibrant cr eative indu These stry. arles Darw t research distinctiven in Universi ers from ar ess. ty (CDU), is ound Aust mapping ralia, Prepared by: Director of this creativ CDU’s Scho e Tess Lea sa ol for Soci id a great al and Polic needs of cr deal of info y Research Kevin Stolarick, University of Toronto eative wor rmation w as require , Associat e Professo kers. d to unde r Mark Denstedt, University of Toronto rstand the Betsy Donald, Queen’s University & Gregory M. Spencer, University of Toronto eative Urban Connecting Cr within Eastern aper Rural Economies ssion p Mega Region Ontario & the u A Disc The Creative Economy May 2010 REF. 2010-MPIWP-006 Hunter Trust Dr Ian LITT ORAL Arts Rural Policy Implications 15/2/06 April 27 2010 27, Presented by the Ontario Ministries of: Economic Development and Trade Research and Innovation Tourism and Culture Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs tario n for Eastern On Wealth Creatio ries Growth and Government of Canada Creative Indust Fednor and The Capitalizing on tario CFDC Net work Inc, Eastern On Funded by The
  4. 4. Office Consolida t the Officia ion of l of the Mus Plan koka k Planning A oka Mus rea Fi na l Re po rt n Fr am ew or k ie r-R an ke d To ur is t De st in at io oj ec t Pr em A ss es sm en t Pr Th e M us ko ka October 15 , 2008 Prepared b y Gravenhurst The Distric t of Musko Planning a ka nd Developme Economic nt Departm ent hic De mograp Gravenhurst Business Retention and Profile Expansion (BR+E) nts for MUSKOK A BRAND Final Report Colour Equivale PMS CMYK RGB WEB (HEX) PMS 3435 100/0/81/66 0/80/47 00/50/2F June 6, 2005 PMS 370 56/0/100/27 93/151/50 5D/97/32 T PROJECT PMS 116 0/16/100/0 SSESSMEN 255/210/0 MUSKOKA A FF/D2/00 wo rk na tio n Fra me 009 ed To uri st De sti ARY 2 Pre mi er- Ra nk PMS 2935 100/46/0/0FE B R U 0/118/191 00/76/BF PMS 1955 0/100/60/37 163/2/52 A3/02/34
  5. 5. • occupational categories • industrial structure• population • employment• education • income levels
  6. 6. “We’re trying to get everyone talking to each other, but it’s a me against you mentality ineverything - rather than looking at it as a huge area that really needs to work together and build”(KI-04)
  7. 7. !"#$%&($# )(&*" 2*$#3)4 )-5"*-4 3&#%6 +%*"%,&*- #$"."*"/ &#/%0)/ ("1)
  8. 8. A transit system will never make money. It’s like a library or a museum, a skating rink,or curling rink... they will nevermake money. But it enables the community to survive better, it provides a service, a higher quality of life
  9. 9. Appendix "III" DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY OF MUSKOKA DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY OF MUSKOKA 592 2 PROPOSED ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION NETWORK PROPOSED ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION NETWORK 11 31 3 Connection Connection 8 45 Loop F Loop F 3 Route 6 Route 6 3 60 3 Fairy Lk 3 Skeleton Lk Skeleton Lk Fairy Lk Peninsula Lk Peninsula Lk Near 7 Near 60 e e utt Connection u 11 Connection Ro Community Community Ro 23 28 9 Lake Rosseau Lake Rosseau Route 7 Route 7 onn Route C Route C 141 ttiio 2 Lake Joseph Lake Joseph 24 ec ec 12 Loop B Loop B nn nn 4 Mary Lk Mary Lk 10 Co Co 169 Three Mile Lk Three Mile Lk 10 Loop D Loop D 21 35 7 27 4 44 Connection Connection 22 Near Near 25 Co Co 35 nn nn Loop A Loop A Route 2 Route 2 Community Community ec ec 9 ttiio on 11 Lake of Bays Lake of Bays Route B Route B 118 nR Ro 26 ou utte 4 400 29 e 5 5 46 32 47 2 39 Lake Muskoka Lake Muskoka Lake of Bays Lake of Bays Georgian Bay Georgian Bay 38 Near Near 50 117 51 33 Community Community 30 Route A Route A 37 42 15 35 Loop E Loop E 13 Connection Connection 37 14 16 Route 1 Alternate Route 1 Alternate 48 Connection Connection Connection Connection 5 34 169 Route 1 Route 1 17 Route 4 Route 4 18 Near Near 1 36 118 41 400 13 Community Community 20 Route D Route D 6 Loop C NOTE: See Appendix "IV" 19 Active Transportation Route Ownership 6 Produced by the District of Muskoka under licence from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Copyright (c) Queens Printer 2010. Sparrow Lk Sparrow Lk Route Types 11 The information contained herein may be erroneous, inaccurate or misleading. The parties compiling and/or disclosing the information make no warranties 13 Connection whatsoever as to the accuracy of any or all of the information contained herein. 49 Loop Any party relying on this information does so at their own risk and shall not, under any circumstances, make any claim against anyone on the grounds Near Community that the information was erroneous, inaccurate or misleading. This road network information has been generated or adapted from Ontario Road Network Database, a database built from source data provided by the Municipalities of Ontario to the Government of Ontario under licence. 6 The Ontario Road Network Database is the property of the Government of Ontario and is used under licence from the Government of Ontario. Urban / Community As Amended June 14, 2010 BoundariesMcc5gisMapInfoDataSpecial ProjectsActive Transportation Mappingbike routes PROPOSED_11x17_May 2010_Route Types.WOR
  10. 10. “Employment in Muskoka tends to be cyclical, and thecycle has to be broken, we’rewrestling with the ideas now.Are we going to be successful in a year or two? Who knows, this is a long-term thing.”
  11. 11. Muskoka year round v. seasonal population (2006) Total 57,375 75627Muskoka Lakes 6739 25129 Lake of Bays 3720 11480 Huntsville 19048 6171 Gravenhurst 11510 11036 Georgian Bay 2438 14766 Bracebridge 16,039 7045 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% year round seasonal
  12. 12. Employment Occupations (2006)100% 3.40% 5.10% 1.6% 2.52% 10.70% 8.9% 6.80%90% 21.01% 26% 20.90% 28.2%80% 15% 21.3% 27.80%70%60% 42.70% 43.70%50% 41.4% 43.30% 45% 37% 43.9%40%30%20% 30.90% 29.80% 29.60% 32.77% 25.80% 28.8% 26.8%10% 0% ka a rd rio ke y in nt or tfo ko ul La a ou El nt ito ra us e- C O St an th M d n- M ar -o w Ed ra ga ce ia in N Pr CREATIVE SERVICE WORKING AGRICULTURAL
  13. 13. “We haven’t done agood job of reaching out to youth. We know that.” (KI-14)
  14. 14. Educational Attainment (2006) 41.4% 41.5% 39.9% 39.7% 38.2% 36.9% 35.4% 26.7% 26.0% 18.4% 17.2% 16.7% 16.2% 11.9% a rd io ke y in a nt k ul ar or tfo ko La ou ito nt El raus e- C O an St thM d M n- ar -o w Ed ra ga ce ia in N Pr College/trades/other qualifications University Degree
  15. 15. “Education creates a different atmosphere. It’s an economic development engine unto itself. It brings creative thinkers, createsjobs, talent pools, affordable housing, transportation initiatives, recreation programming, it validates so many things” (KI-19)
  16. 16. Bu si ne ss C on su lti W En gi ng 103 eb ne an er d in g 73 So ftw ar e 43 Ar tis ts 28 D es ig n 27 Fi Ad lm 21 ve rti si Ar ch n g 17 ite ct Pu u re 16 bl is h Ed ing 16 Pe u rfo cati rm on 8 in Ph g A rt 8 ot og s ra ph y 6 G Muskoka Creative Industries (2006) am es 4R M us ad M 4 io us ic an eu d m s 4 Te le vi si on 3 H er ita M g 2 Pu ar e bl ke ic tin R g 2 el at io ns 1
  17. 17. Get feedback along the wayUse a variety Don’t let the of sources data overwhelm you Lessons The Acknowledge competitive research advantage might limitations be staring at you
  19. 19. “We recognize the value of the creative economy. It’s a great idea,everyone loves it, but we need to get traction. We need to back it up with documentation” (KI-19)
  20. 20. Water, Rocks and Trees BUILDING UPON OUR RICH RESOURCES:The Creative Economy in Muskoka