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Developing local housing and homelessness plans overview

  1. 1. Developing Local Housing and Homelessness Plans OEMC - September 12th, 2012 Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  2. 2. Creating a new housing system for Ontario: Key Milestones Long-Term Affordable • November 2010 - MMAH released the Housing Strategy Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy • May 2011 - approval of the Housing Housing Services Act Services Act (HSA) • August 2011 - release of the Housing Housing Policy Policy Statement and HSA Regulations Statement • January 2012 - Housing Services Act took effect Local Housing and Homelessness Plans Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 2
  3. 3. Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Clarified Roles and Responsibilities: Province as System Steward Long-Term Affordable • Overall vision and provincial interests for Housing Strategy housing • Set the legislative and policy framework • Contribute provincial funding • Report on progress at provincial level • Engage with the federal government Municipalities as System Service Managers • Set local vision for housing, reflecting the provincial interest • Provide local leadership • Develop and implement strategies to address housing needs • Contribute to and coordinate housing funding • Administer housing and homelessness programs • Report on progress at local level Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 3
  4. 4. Housing Services Act The Housing Services Act • Provides greater Service Manager flexibility for the effective delivery of community based programs, while strengthening accountability • Replaces the Social Housing Reform Act with updated / streamlined provisions, Housing Services Act including: – Ministerial Consents – Waiting List – Social Housing Review Process for Tenants – Non-Profit Governance • Commits to developing a simplified annual income-tax-based Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) calculation. • Requires Service Managers to develop and approve Local Housing and Homelessness Plans • States Provincial Interests to be addressed in the local plans Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 4
  5. 5. Housing Services Act Provincial Interests in a housing and homelessness system: • Positive outcomes for Ontarians • The need to first house people to more effectively address other challenges • A role for non-profit corporations and Housing Services Act cooperatives • A role for the private market • Partnerships with different levels of government • Respect and dignity for individuals • Coordination with other services • Relevance to local circumstances • A range of housing options • Appropriate accountability • Supporting economic prosperity • Promoting sustainability and conservation Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 5
  6. 6. Housing Policy Statement Seven Actionable Themes 1. Accountability and outcomes 2. Goal of ending homelessness 3. Non-profit housing corporations and non- profit housing co-operatives 4. The private market 5. Co-ordination with other community Housing Policy services Statement 6. A broad range of community needs 7. Environmental sustainability and energy conservation Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 6
  7. 7. OMSSA Housing and Homelessness Resource Centre The OMSSA Resource Centre is: • Partnership led – MMAH, OMSSA, AMO, Toronto, Housing Services Corporation, Service Manager Housing Network, Northern Ontario Service Deliverers Association • Service Manager needs and capacity focussed • Both products and services • Peer-to-peer support • Ongoing communications Local Housing and Homelessness Plans Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing 7