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James Foulkes, Kingpin - Using video as part of the B2B content mix


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James Foulkes, Co-founder, Kingpin

Topic: Using video as part of the B2B content mix: Arcserve case study

According to Forbes, 75% of executives watch business related videos online every week. Of those, 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video.

- Re-considering your content strategy to appease time restrictions and purchasing teams
- What is effective when looking at content aggregation and video content?
- How remarketing and sales intelligence can lead to a healthy pipeline
- 5 Ways to increase CTR’s, Trial and Live Chat requests which can reduce the cost of engagement by 90%

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James Foulkes, Kingpin - Using video as part of the B2B content mix

  1. 1. September 2015
  2. 2. Simply based on your metrics and definitions of success Sure we’ll often use similar tactics, but they’re never the same If your prospects need face to face conversations before they’ll turn into an opportunity, we’ll work towards that If they need a tonne of online content before they’ll engage – then we’ll build a campaign around that
  3. 3. The Technology to Business agency – platform agnostic audience specific, results driven! Reaching millions of users… …delivering positive ROI …generating tens of thousands of leads... …having thousands of conversations…
  4. 4. A London-based B2B marketing agency focused on delivering ROI Founded 1997, grown to 17 staff, £7m turnover in 2014 Winners of Market Research Award (Marketing Week Engage Awards) Across 20+ countries in EMEA, Asia & Americas 100+ years of Team Marketing experience
  5. 5. Our Reach Global Local Regional We make it our business to understand your market wherever that takes us together . . .
  7. 7. Our Trusted Partnerships
  8. 8.
  9. 9. There is strong demand for content
  10. 10. Vendor content crucial to the sales process Q: Of the total number of informational assets you reviewed, how many were created by the vendor you ultimately selected? Base respondents: those who have downloaded vendor content. IDG UK Customer Engagement Survey 2013
  11. 11. Where is the B2B DM looking? Fragmented Media Landscape with too many choices! Social/business networking sites Business-related websites Business-related print publications Tech vendor web sites Technology-related print publications Technology web sites Tech-related blogsVideo-sharing sites Q. On which of the following sources do you rely for tech- related information, trends, news, reviews and opinions? (Among B2B respondents )
  12. 12. Content consumption highest during the early and middle stages During which stage(s) of the buying process did you download/vie w the most amount of IT- related content (e.g., white papers, case studies, videos, etc.)? 0% 15% 30% 45% 60% 75% 90% When evaluating the technology landscape Comparing specific technology vendors/solutions Narrowing a list of technology vendors/solutions I downloaded/viewed the same amount of IT- related in each stage ©TechTarget, 2015 Media Consumption Report DACH France Spain United Kingdom Rest of Europe
  13. 13. Video a major influence – especially during the evaluation stage 1. In-depth product reviews of B2B tech buyers watch videos at some point in the purchase process91% Top Video types across all stages 2. How-to videos 3. Technology primers Q. Which of the following type of technology-related video content are you likely to watch at each stage of the purchase process for major enterprise IT/security products and services?
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Arcserve, a global leader in data back up and recovery recently launched their first new product for 15 years. Unified Data Protection (UDP) is now their flagship solution. The challenge was to build awareness and engagement around an offering with low brand equity. Campaign had to: - Be scalable globally - Deliver awareness - Show measurable ROI - Engage with a target of ITDMs in co’s greater than 250+ Arcserve – Campaign
  16. 16.
  17. 17. The Kingpin Way – it’s in our DNA Understand. Research. Plan. Implementation. Continuous reporting. Optimization. Immersion Sessions. Metrics. Agreed Execution. Lessons. Recommendations A 360° view of our customer, their prospects, market understanding and how to reach them Go live and fully manage process Future strategiesAgree actions and implement Collaborate 2 Investigate 1 Execute 3 Insights 4
  18. 18. Recognising that the purchasing process is 80% carried out prior to vendor interaction, a complete content audit and refresh was undertaken to produce a range of – whitepapers, videos, trials, demos and 3rd party webinars Arcserve – Content Audit
  19. 19. Arcserve – Campaign Framework UDP Launch Page RE- Messaging Targeted banner campaigns to drive traffic to the CA landing page. Retarget these visitors with different creative messaging Response Generation Video SyndicationProgrammatic Display Whitepaper promotions Cost Per Lead Videos with links back to landing page.
  20. 20. Arcserve – Video and Display User based targeting through a range of online 3rd party data owners enabling us to identify our target segments regardless of the media brands they were found on
  21. 21. Arcserve – Display Re-messaging Creative 1 Creative 2
  22. 22. Video killed the whitepaper star? Actions on site 58% of all actions were on video 41% on one asset alone
  23. 23. Has video killed the “whitepaper” star? • Forbes revealed that that 75% of executives questioned watch business related videos online every week • Of those, 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video • 82% of C-suite use a tablet for research when purchasing (IDG Mobile survey) • 67% of C-Suite use a smartphone for research when purchasing (IDG Mobile survey)
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Arcserve – Results 5x higher CTR from Display programmatic placements against industry averages 145x higher CTR from Video than Display 500% uplift in CTR from Re-messaging placements 3,590 hours of video watched 58% of interactions on landing page were to Video Content 19% of interactions to Whitepapers
  26. 26. Arcserve – Results 70% of organisations carried out multiple interactions 58% increase in trials 500% increase in Live Chat requests 90% reduction in CPA 415 organisations added as opportunities
  27. 27. Arcserve – Results and Ongoing Reporting Company Total Score Country Company Site Location based ISV 152 United Kingdom Financial services 78 United Kingdom Office supplies 45 France Retail/etail 20 United Kingdom Retail/etail 16 United Kingdom Professional services 15 United Kingdom NHS Trust 14 United Kingdom MSP 13 United Kingdom Govt Agency 12 France Office designers 11 United Kingdom Financial services 10 France MSP 8 United Kingdom Consultancy 8 United Kingdom Most engaged companies (weekly and real time)
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Lessons If you don’t use video, you should Turn on tracking– it is worth the investment Audit – think about what you give away and what you gate IP-trackand target Video programmatic/contextual really performs but start with data not cost in your head
  30. 30. Any Questions?