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Harold de Vries, LG Electronics - New Technology & Digital Signage


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Harold de Vries, Head of B2B Marketing, LG Electronics

Topic: How to consider new technology within your marketing activities

- Digital signage vs. “old fashioned POS”
- How to choose a signage solution that fits with your marketing strategy
- What’s right for you? 4k or Full HD?
- Why content remains your most important tool

Published in: Marketing
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Harold de Vries, LG Electronics - New Technology & Digital Signage

  1. 1. Harold de Vries “Standing out in a Crowded Marketplace” Technology Marketing Conference
  2. 2. Harold de Vries Head of B2B Marketing LG UK
  3. 3. ULTRA HD Digital Signage webOS Smart Platform Signage INFORMATION DISPLAY
  4. 4. Take off for digital signage in commercial spaces 5 years ago • New technologies • Improved quality and durability • Simpler installations • More digital content • Follow competition
  5. 5. How to select and implement the right solution • What is your objective? What are you trying to achieve? • How can you achieve this and it digital signage required? • Consider internal and external factors for digital signage Where will the signage be located? Select the right screen for every location • Create the right content & content management solution
  6. 6. Objectives: 1. Increase advertising revenue 2. Engage more with fans 3. Improve image, becoming a leading brand
  7. 7. Objectives: 1. Increase sales within pubs 2. Increase sales of “Extra cold” brand Results: 1. Sales increased 2. After installation 83% coolers received better position behind the bar 3. 67% placed above bar level
  8. 8. You will use digital signage, but how to select brand/product? • Where will display be placed? Direct ambient or sun light on display? • What are the required viewing angles and distance to screen? • How long will display be in operation every day or do you require 24/7? • What is your content plan - input - external media player - updates - sound - Fail over solution
  9. 9. Market moves to 4K technology, but is it required? • 4K will be the future and make digital signage suitable for new content • New 4K content required for 4K screens Full HD content not automatically upgraded to 4K • Content management issues, 4K files over network requires capacity
  10. 10. Harold de Vries Head of B2B Marketing LG UK