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Project food glorious food

  1. 1. Xb PROJECTFood Glorious FoodThe DiscussionDo you enjoy eating out? What makes a restaurant worth going back to?In the box below, you’ll find some things which can make or break a restaurant. Howimportant is each of these points to you when you’re deciding where to go for a mealout? Discuss with your group, then decide together what the Top Three Points are, andwhich is least important.quality of food decor + atmospheretype of food location(Chinese, Indian,traditional, nouvelle cuisine...) pricequantity of food servicemenupresentation of food (big choice? variety?starters? extras?.....)
  2. 2. Coming Up With A PlanYou have been commissioned by Viseu Town Hall to put forward a proposal for a newrestaurant in Viseu. They are prepared to pay for everything necessary to get yourrestaurant up and running.... but.... they have also asked for proposals from othergroups. Only one group will get the money and the chance to make their dreamrestaurant a reality.So, you need to think about the following:What kind of restaurant will you have?Who do you want to attract to your restaurant? Who will your customers be?Where do you want it to be?How will you lay it out? What style of decoration will you have?What range of meals will you offer? special offers? all times of day? 7 days aweek?What food will appear on your menu?How much will you charge?Who will you employ (chef, waiters...)*** optional***You may want to design a questionnaire to find out what would be popular with thegeneral public. You can ask students in other classes to complete this for you and thenanalyse their answers to help you decide about your restaurant.
  3. 3. Writing up your proposalOne person in your group should take responsibility for writing the following sections ofyour proposal:* Sample menu, including notes on food used and how food is cooked* Detailed description of the premises* Publicity leaflet advertising your new restaurant* Report on why you have chosen this type of restaurant, and why youexpect it to be successful(If there are three people in your group, you should all work on the menu together, andchoose one of the other three tasks to do individually)* Copying, or cutting and pasting, from existing restaurants’ menus / publicity will resultin a mark of 0.*Presentation DayEach group will have 10 – 15 minutes to put forward their proposal to your teacher andrival groups. You can show or give out copies of relevant materials (eg a sample menu,design plan), but most importantly, you need to talk convincingly, and enthusiastically,about your restaurant. Be prepared to answer questions at the end of your presentation.Your teacher may be able to tell you immediately which group has produced the winningproposal, or they may need to refer it to a panel of experts who will then vote.