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Estelle Helouin

  1. 1. Progress- shall we talk about it? Estelle Hélouin, IH London
  2. 2. Do you communicate formally with your students about their progress? a/ Yes, regularly b/ Yes, sometimes c/ Rarely d/ Never Quiz!
  3. 3. Slide text Example of learning log (objectives)
  4. 4. Slide text Examples of teacher set objectives
  5. 5. Slide text Examples of student set objectives
  6. 6. S Feedback on objective log I need to focus on each student regularly. Losing sight of the group’s needs? Not always something to say/can’t always hear students Good track of progress (very) useful Not very useful Specific so you can really focus on that point Written, so I can refer to it between lessons Errors I’m not aware of have been pointed out Both E. and I are writing what we know already, nothing added
  7. 7. Slide text Example of log (learning tips)
  8. 8. Slide text Example of learning tips
  9. 9. Slide text Examples of student set strategies 1
  10. 10. Slide text Examples of student set strategies 2
  11. 11. i Feedback on learning tips and log Students forgetting/misplacing log Good for me to reflect on tips more Having to bully students to fill it in No time/forgot to write in log E. gives us lots of feedback anyway Log not useful (at all). (very) useful Learning (written) tips (very) useful Learning tips help me improve/make me focus Learning tips well adapted to our needs Log helped me reflect on my progress
  12. 12. i Feedback on learning tips and log Easy, familiar More natural and quick interaction Better awareness of the group You moving round the class helping is very good Received enough help and tips to help me progress (not sure) Tips and information very useful Would like to know what I need to improve
  13. 13. This term, I will… What now?