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Dan cornford


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Published in: Education
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Dan cornford

  1. 1. Co-constructing a story Dan Cornford, IH Valladolid
  2. 2. Tom Katy Images:
  3. 3. Image:
  4. 4. Image:
  5. 5. Image:
  6. 6. Image:
  7. 7. Image: My name is Captain Redbeard and I have taken all the treasure from this chest because I needed to buy a new pirate ship. Arrrrhhhh!
  8. 8. Why did it work? • Learners were actively involved. • Learners had a certain amount of control. • There were clear reasons to listen and participate. • I could react to the learners. Alternatives • Learners decide the whole story, or certain aspects of it.
  9. 9. Thanks for listening Co-constructing a story Dan Cornford, IH Valladolid