Anya shaw homework routine rethink handout


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Anya shaw homework routine rethink handout

  1. 1. ih Buenos Aires © ih Buenos Aires HOMEWORK: ROUTINE RETHINK Look at the following types of homework tasks and tick the columns so they are true for you. Have done once or twice Do regularly Will try Grammar exercises from coursebook/workbook Guided writing exercises Writing compositions Reading comprehension questions Reacting to a text (Possibly using sentence stems e.g. The most surprising thing I read was……. Reading a text to be used in class in advance Using the dictionary/internet to find the meaning of words Writing new vocabulary in sentences/questions/texts Making a plan/outline for a composition Practising reading aloud Extended reading (eg short stories, novels) Using authentic online material Listening to podcasts – choose a podcast Use the CD ROM/coursebook website Online practice activities e.g. Flo- Joe Making their own activity for other sts to use in class e.g. prepare an open cloze from an online text/quiz
  2. 2. ih Buenos Aires © ih Buenos Aires Adapted from ELT Journal 56/2 April 2002 Homework:re-examining the routine Checking/finding out rules in a grammar book/the grammar section of the C.B. Editing and revising compositions Memorizing vocabulary Doing research on a topic Preparing props/learning lines for a play Reading for fun (e.g. comics, magazines) Doing puzzles, quizzes, crosswords etc Preparing for a role play Watching TV in English Keeping a diary in English Carrying out interviews with family/friends Bringing in photos or a possession Using the class blog Preparing a song to do in class (after being given a model of tasks) Sending emails to classmates in English e.g. recap on what they did that day Sts choose what they want to do for homework Your idea… Your idea…
  3. 3. ih Buenos Aires © ih Buenos Aires Homework ideas from Paul Maglione, Homework in EFL/ESL: The Final Frontier, IATEFL 2011 - Xtranormal → 3D video making, using avatars - Voicethread → show & tell using videos, pics, & commentary - Lino It → brainstorming wall, can also be collaborative - Glogster → great, popular poster-making tool - Zimmer Twins → simple cartoon-making tool. Also: ToonDoo. - Classik TV → make up your own movie subtitles - MessageHop → add your photos and comment on them - Bubblr → slideshow tool based on photos from Flickr - Fotobabble → post a photo and provide audio comment - Voki → customizable, talking avatars - English Attack! → EFL through online entertainment, including movie clips, thematic visual dictionaries, games, and social networking. frontier/