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TimeLive Time Tracking Feature Tour

  1. 1. TimeLive Web TimesheetFeature OverviewWeb Timesheet
  2. 2. Time tracking tools• Despite budget restraints, modern, practical employee timesheet software and time tracking tools must be incorporated in work environments to gain knowledge and achieve improved resource performance. Online timesheet software such as TIMELIVE Timesheet™ allows automatic data classification and analysis to be used for improved time management and productivity practices.• Ways in which a company may seek to reduce or avoid different types of costs when implementing a new system is also important in the calculation of the ROI.• Most project time management and expense gathering applications require a great deal of initial setup, maintenance and training. Even in a small company, it is often recommended that a period of 3 days or more be set aside for installation, deployment and training. In the case where an Excel timesheet template is used, additional time is required to properly format the excel timesheet, develop the training material and continually update the information. In larger organizations, several files are required to keep the process simple however; consolidating the information across multiple departments and locations is labor- intensive.• TIMELIVE online timesheet software provides easy deployment because of the quick install at the server location only. Population of the database can easily be migrated from existing systems using the import function or integration. It can be used, for example, to quickly bring HR, project management, and other data into TIMELIVE online time tracking software.
  3. 3. About TIMELIVE• TIMELIVE employee time tracking software has also been used to study job-related tasks to achieve desired productivity and improve performance using project time management software. A federal department, a telecommunications company, an insurance company and an industrial engineering class are four such instances:• A government department wanted to review internal processes and task assignments to determine if too much time was spent on low-priority tasks. TIMELIVE project time management software helped employees determine whether they were spending their time on the right priorities.• Software and product development departments of a telecommunication company used TIMELIVE online timesheets to automate the manual data entry of their time reporting system.• A study in an insurance company identified and quantified time spent signing on and off various computer systems, as well as the time spent redoing tasks.• TIMELIVE employee time sheet software was used in the industrial engineering classroom environment over a period of 3 years. The reports submitted included a summary of participants’ activities for the two week study period making use of qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the data.
  4. 4. Why Time Tracking Tools?• With business survival increasingly tied to technology performance, CIO’s and their IT organizations must stay ahead of the curve on the online timesheet industry metric news and current trends in IT performance and costs, technology infrastructure, and personnel. They should be able to map, relate, and articulate IT spending and productivity to business revenue and income to support their value proposition. Implementing an IT value management process (communicating the captured and categorized value of IT) is crucial to optimizing corporate investments. META Group Research, 13 October 2004• Reducing cost is still a top business strategy. Industries use different ways to reduce cost… focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and the ability to close the gap between different business functions. IDC, April 14, 2005
  5. 5. High Level Features Simple Timesheet and Time Tracking • Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and monthly time sheet • Billable and non-billable tasks • Time Entry Due/Over due/approvals pending Reminders and notifications • 6 Types of customizable approver types (Administrator, Team Lead, Project Manager, Specific Employee, External Client, Employee Manager) with option for alternate approver. • Tracking of different types of time records like standard, overtime etc. • Time off tracking, Time off request with fully customizable accrual engine. • Timer Control / Stop Watch Expense Tracking • Track expenses and mileage as common records • Mark expenses as billable, reimbursable • Full multi-currency expense tracking. Project Planning and Project Management • Forecasted duration, Actual work, % complete • Project costing, budgets, actual, remaining costs Other Features • Mobile Access • QuickBooks Integration tool • Integration with Active Directory and LDAP • CSV Import / Export • MS Project import/export • Customizable reporting. • Full multi-currency time and expense management. • DCCA / Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance with audit log. • Fully rebrand able (Company own logo, HTML customizable) • Web Services / API
  6. 6.  Web based interface Available in online and on- premises version. Full multi-currency time and expense tracking. Timesheet Periods (Day View, Week View, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly). Time Off Management with fully customizable accrual engine. Timer Control / Stop Watch Holiday Management Task Management Approvals Billing rate setup profiles. Project tracking. Template driven projects. Custom Reporting. QuickBooks Integration DCCA / Sarbanes-Oxley Mobile Access
  7. 7.  Fully multi branch / multi location setup Setup employees in different branches.
  8. 8.  TimeLive dashboard screen with my tasks and my reports tasks list.
  9. 9.  Project / task tracking. Project phases/ milestone management. Management of project resources.
  10. 10.  Full hierarchy based task management. Billable / non-billable task tracking. Phase based task setup.
  11. 11.  Department / location based employees management. Billing Rate / Employee Rate definition. Role based security for showing up only related information to logged-in employee/user.
  12. 12. • Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and monthly time sheet• Working day policies like minimum hours per day, minimum hours per period, maximum hours per day and maximum hours per week.• Billable and non-billable tasks• Time Entry Due/Over due/approvals pending Reminders and notifications• 6 Types of customizable approver types (Administrator, Team Lead, Project Manager, Specific Employee, External Client, Employee Manager)• Customizable locking options for submitted and approved timesheet• Managers can add, edit and delete timesheet on behalf of other users.• Audit Trail• Alternate Approver• Tracking of different types of time records like standard, overtime etc.• Time off tracking, Time off request with fully customizable accrual engine, time off policy.• Timer Control / Stop Watch• DCCA / Sarbanes Oxley Timesheet• Holiday Management• Section 508 Compliance Application
  13. 13.  Time entry week view with approval status icons.
  14. 14.  Time entry day view with approval status icons.
  15. 15.  Time entry week view with start and time. Start and End Time can be enable in timesheet using TimeLive application preferences.
  16. 16.  Time entry day view with start and time. Start and End Time can be enable in timesheet using TimeLive application preferences.
  17. 17.  Time entry week-view with client selection enabled. Client selection can be enabled using option available in TimeLive application preferences.
  18. 18.  Timesheet period customization supports 5 types of periods with different validations. Following period types can be customized by admin as per their own requirements.  Daily Timesheet  Weekly Timesheet  Bi-Weekly Timesheet  Semi-Monthly Timesheet (Configurable semi-monthly period start day and end day)  Monthly Timesheet (Configurable month start day and end day)
  19. 19.  Five different types of customizable approval workflows. An approver can be either manager, team lead, project manager, external client user, any specific employee and administrator. Alternate Approver.
  20. 20.  Expense Entry with reimbursement tracking. Attaching receipts with expense entry. Expense approval workflow. Complete tax management. Powerful reporting. Billable / Non-billable tracking.
  21. 21.  Five different types of customizable approval workflows. An approver can be either manager, team lead, project manager, external client user, any specific employee and administrator.
  22. 22.  Four different types of billing rate selection options configurable at project level. TimeLive also allow history based billing rate in order to apply date range based billing rate. 1. Employee own billing rate (Pick billing rate defined in employee profile). Useful when your employees or contractors are working in same billing rate even for multiple project. 2. Project based employee billing rate (Pick billing rate defined for each separate employee / contractor at project level) Useful when contractors or employees are working with different rates on different projects. 3. Project Role based billing rate (Pick billing rate defined in role based billing setup done at project level. Project Manager can assign employees to these project based roles). Example can be 1. Development Manager (US$ 120 per hour) 2. Project Manager (US$ 160 per hour) 3. QA (US$ 60 per hour) 4. Task based billing rate (Pick billing rate defined at project task level). Example of that task based billing rate is 1. UI Design / HTML / CSS (US$ 80 per hour) 2. C# Coding (US$ 100 per hour) 3. QA (US$ 120 per hour)
  23. 23.  Billing Rate Type selection at project level
  24. 24.  TimeLive allows setting up separate billing rate for separate billing rate. Example of separate [work type] based billing rate is that a single consultant can be charged to client for different types of [work types]. If he is working 8 hours per day, then billing rate should be standard billing rate of that consultant. If hours are more than 8 per day, then overtime rate should be charged to client for those additional hours.  Client A  Project A  Consultant 1  (Standard: US$ 60 per hour)  (Overtime: US$ 90 per hour)  (On Travel: US$ 60 per hour) Administrator can enable “Work Type” field using application preferences. TimeLive then pick billing rate based on work type defined in time entry.
  25. 25.  Attendance allow employee to record all employees / contractors to enter their arrival and departure time in TimeLive. Using attendance record, administrator can track availability of employee within organization. Attendance option can be disable from [Time Entry Day View] using “Role based permission”.
  26. 26.  With all the hours and expenses your business has tracked with TimeLive, you can literally create an invoice with just a couple of clicks. TimeLive does all the work for you in retrieving and organizing all your billable hours, so billing is easy, accurate, and fast. Once an invoice is created, the invoice dashboard keeps track of all open invoices - so you can quickly find out your account receivables and track your revenue. Filter through and see what each client is bringing in, or what you have made last quarter, with just a single click. With multi-currency invoicing, you can send and track invoices with flexibility.
  27. 27.  Powerful customizable reports.
  28. 28.  All reports can be export to PDF, XLS, CSV and other common use file types.
  29. 29.  Powerful administration tools for managing your whole organization.
  30. 30.  TimeLive preferences options allow customization of some very commonly used application settings includes culture and formats, language, company logo etc.
  31. 31.  Email notification preferences allow users to enable/disable different email notifications.
  32. 32.  A separate downloadable QuickBooks integration tool for integrating TimeLive with Quickbooks
  33. 33.  Time Off Request in advance allows your supervisors to schedule around time when you will be away. Time off request will automatically display in your timesheet under the heading "Time Off"
  34. 34.  A full customizable Time-off policy management tool.
  35. 35.  A full customizable Holiday management.
  36. 36.  Manage Terminology option now allows TimeLive Admin to change Timesheet terms to any of their own custom terminology. Admin can define which "TimeLive" terms they want to modify with their own required name in [Admin Options]-->[Manage Terminology]. After update, TimeLive will then use those terms in everywhere in application including menus, timesheet, forms, reports etc.
  37. 37. Important Links• Web Timesheet