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LilyAnn's Jupiter project

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  1. 1. JUPITER The Giant Planet
  3. 3. HERE ARE SOME FACTS-- --If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth you would weigh 264 pounds on Jupiter. --Jupiter has a mass 318 times greater than the Earths and a diameter that is 11 times larger. --It rotates so quickly that the days are only 10 hours long... But it takes 12 Earth years for Jupiter to complete an orbit around the sun.
  4. 4. --Jupiter completes one full rotation about its axisevery 10 hours, giving it the fastest rotationalspeed of any planet.---The area of Jupiter around its equator rotatesfaster than its polar regions by around fiveminutes. It makes a bulge at the equator.
  5. 5. --Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.--Jupiters moons are broken into two classifications:the larger Galilean moons and the smaller moons.--The Galilean moons are named after Galileo whodiscovered them in 1610. These moons areGanymede, Io, Europa, and Callisto.--Jupiter’s core is rocky, scientists believe that it is 45times heavier than the Earth
  6. 6. HistoryJupiter was the kingof the gods inRoman mythology.The ancient Greeksnamed the planetafter Zeus, the kingof the Greekpantheon.
  7. 7. Jupiter’s Bands--The colorful bands of Jupiter are arranged in darkbelts and light zones created by strong east-westwinds--The white clouds in the zones are made ofcrystals of frozen ammonia--The deepest visible levels are blue clouds
  8. 8. This is Jupiter’s position in the Solar System
  9. 9. The Great Red Spot, a giant hurricane-like stormhas been going on for more than 300 years.
  10. 10. --Jupiter has the biggest moon in the SolarSystem, Ganymede. It is even bigger thanMercury and Pluto.--Jupiter has a ring just like Saturn and Uranus.--Jupiter is covered by an ocean of hydrogenwith a sludge-like consistency.--Unlike other planets, Jupiter sends out astrong radio radiation that can be detected onEarth.