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It Just Takes Few P’s To Get Your Online Reputation on Track


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If you find your business in a dilemma and invaded by bad online reputation, then your brand could be hammered by market foes and discontent audience. The only hope in front of you is execute an effective Online Reputation Management strategy. But many-a-times, businesses often find it hard to develop feasible approach. Rather than fuming over this issue, you should incorporate various P’s of ORM to get online presence back on track.
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It Just Takes Few P’s To Get Your Online Reputation on Track

  1. 1. IVIAAGEIVIET STRATEGY In recent years, the concept of Online Reputation Management has gathered widespread interest. Reputation has the power to build trust, while on the flip side, it also has the potential to cause disaster. HERE ARE VARIOUS P’S OF Oi! L|i! E REPUTATION iViAiIAGEIViEi! T THAT WILL HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR REPUTATION. l 1 Monitor your current online presence I _if. _ / .. Take a plan of action to counter ” : any negative material if found <. .—--: Proactively act to produce positive I: «2 content, Video, PPT, blog article, E—mail newsletter etc. l—‘° I =27 xsifi away vi 1- 85% of consumers conduct l ‘Tl: “in online research before making a decision Source: University of Michigan PUBLISH PROMOTE PERFORMANCE Publish Content on various platforms like social media, guest blogs and Push your content and promote it to audience in a systematic manner Measure and analyze the influence of the content for future reference review sites I Ell 65% of Internet users see online ff «.6: C‘ lg; / search as the most trusted source II , __ of Information about users and ' I " * companies s‘ . Source: 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer _ e i_ e jl 1 T TL 1 T IIe’aI? ,:I‘r; I-:1; CII'l; |I’l'? T;I as Wélll as ‘i1l. .I; ’I‘, |ZI»; lI"‘I; l'I‘; ;I? "I~; Il T l: IL. l1l~; ?l l'l§f§II, ili'{'. v I‘; Il; Ii’l<; IaI; l”II‘; I;. vivfliifl i2l‘i; ~ ¥'; II: |£'l‘s ‘vI= ;II. . -: il; r;. II vivtiif‘. C2¢‘; r;Iit; ;1'; |'§Tt; Il I-’*I; I~; iIr; I ; I."»; IIIl; a; ~: Ii'I E{l'I; ;r; IIi'II; I‘i; I‘f. 'iIlI; Ii‘l-1;. ;I; ‘v. I;II, Ii‘ . =.II. .IciII; Ii*i»: :: : P ' I I: T E ‘CI I'I~: I@ sh; ;-§g{; I“‘; .I‘! t;- gm L‘s;1L: .i; I;I viii. ‘-i; I’I‘= vclt ‘ l -TC C. ‘.= .|’II'lCll 3;l'I‘7_III: I‘~j-. |fI? ' em: -.~ ; iI*-: i~: II'. I :1; It c. ‘;II'I .7:r; I-: !l-iii": ;r_= .I; Ill'9 , ‘%—r- ? , IT‘ I .1 I .51; iii 1; ~: ZIiii"i»: ILIl‘r KI: i*; r;I-: :l'I : L.i‘r it-: ;r; iI: :"I : II'i»: i — ; vI; I'. fivg ; I;II'; v:iI'; . 2‘ 31‘: I-: v:i| ;I; II': :;I; i%-; 'I~: II-I I; = .li‘l-i| L.ij; {l* ”x-: - CIEIIWQII‘ , =: ‘; ;r: »;iif: v. t;~ i'; i;ItII; ;IiTi«: I*I A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-10% increase in revenue for businesses Source: Yelp ‘I V‘ ‘: ’. I b ""“. I I“ l [ . ’ I I I I f "L 0-‘. PE‘ ll F 'P. ':‘. :€E3 | l ' ZS I' Never hesitate to package and promote yourself by capturing user attention Do every task with full confidence, full energy, if you want to succeed Position yourself as an expert and authority in a particular space of preference. I o ' arigw 73% of consumers say positive , r"’l'l i/ '1 reviews make them trust a business more Source: 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey I A PREVALENCE Regular occurrence of positive reviews * will surely mitigate any effect from negative reputation POPULARITY Capitalize on the current reputation to l enhance it further I l l PRICE ‘l I: E. » 6 Invest when needed as a bad reputation l can cost you even more 99.9% of those reading this will . . _ J surely have a personal or business l r~vil-«‘l. .-I In . . ‘ ’ ‘ reputation to protect — w3PoIIce . ~ I ”'E‘~ILE I )y-» 'I'C| ‘.. l 6:“. -'. Ii" if ; r;I? ‘*I ; I gt-: I+: Ii: ‘.l “; I;II_. Is‘; Ir. 'I»: Ie2 ? :.v0 : il~: Ili‘i. f-, ' l 6 ’ '5" ' at ; (CI»: I~: f il'Ii‘r| g' IiII'I; ;v fli'I'f1‘v¥l If "; II; |E. li‘; I; I'i«: m;iit~jI; ~ ; Ii'7.: lI“. ‘_. :li'I'fiI ; I;I'‘e‘l'L_‘‘l? |I‘sl'”lC!9* [ I~: n-I’? l, IriI; il: .iI'; I;ii“. inI: r,= .Iitt-I ill: ;| CVN; I’I‘ tr‘ ‘: |I‘IIII'l; " 5‘t; I;Ii. .I‘. k‘; I'ri'II: lI' ‘f| I'I Iltltili‘ . ’%; I'. .i; l1I‘I; I-:9; I-i? '<t| '»'iff“I E E 7 . _l [fl ‘ 7 If A r V : ‘ r= " . I‘ ’ _. -3 jIvI; II‘;1;I; 9?‘. -.lCZl‘ ; II-icil ; v: I;Irv5 ; I;$; I;Ic: i [ll II~; I:. Ir ~; IrlIlI'i; ~ I‘; i;IL. l§t= .I'fI~; II‘ simgifil gicii EIQICI-QII’f: ni']§{! !* : '). t P‘ 1 . ; lice :