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DLSU Manila Technical Digital Marketing Guide


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March 17, 2017. De La Salle University Manila. I shared my hands-on experience in launching a digital marketing campaign that is compatible for small, medium and large business models.

I offered some technical guide that would allow students to explore the world of digital marketing in a strategic manner.

Thanks to JEMA (Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association) for inviting me. I hope to see you again soon.

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DLSU Manila Technical Digital Marketing Guide

  1. 1. Technical DIGITAL #DLSUjemadigitalmarketing GuideMARKETING
  2. 2. Our 4 Strategic Steps
  4. 4. WHY IS MARKET RESEARCH IMPORTANT? Better Understanding of your clients Clearly defines your Target Market Creates a tailored Marketing Strategy Carefully Plans your marketing activities ahead Creates an Optimized Digital Marketing Strategy based on your allocated budget
  5. 5. HOW TO DO MARKET RESEARCH? 2. Identify the KEY Products And Services 1. Identify your UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP) 3. Identify your TARGET MARKET
  6. 6. 4. Identify the Goals And Objectives of the campaign a. Lead Generation b. Increased social media followers c. Boost brand awareness d. Generate Sales 5. Identify Key Competitors and check their activities online HOW TO DO MARKET RESEARCH?
  7. 7. SAMPLE MARKETING RESEARCH PROFILE USP – unparalleled service quality, offers mobile tinting, competitive pricing, recognised as nationwide leader in tinting cars in the UK. Key Products/Services – luxury car tinting service. Target Market – luxury car owners and ordinary car owners. Goals and Objectives – Land/rank in first page of Google UK for multiple keywords. Key competitor – URL provided by client, can’t be shown due to an NDA.
  9. 9. Provides you with a CLEAR ROADMAP on marketing Provides you with a CLEAR APPROACH towards achieving business goals and objectives Enables you to reach TARGETED AUDIENCES effectively Ensures you spend your ADVERTISING BUDGET wisely Increases RESULTS, CONVERSIONS and ultimately your PROFITS WHY IS MARKETING STRATEGY IMPORTANT?
  10. 10. Goal Setting Approach: Direct or Indirect Marketing Channels and Tactics Offers and Promotions Execute Steps and Strategies HOW TO CREATE A MARKETING STRATEGY?
  12. 12. Top Digital Marketing AND STRATEGIES CHANNELS
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing
  14. 14. Search engine OPTIMIZATION
  15. 15. SEO is the process of making your website and business WORTHY for ranking at the top of SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGES SEO is vital for Digital Marketing because: 93% of ONLINE EXPERIENCES begin by using a search engine 50% of mobile visitors who conducted local search visited a store within the day. And 34% conducted on computer did the same.
  16. 16. SEO in the Flesh
  17. 17. The SEO Framework
  18. 18. The SEO Content Framework Without content, the Internet itself is nothing or not as useful as we see these days. A website content is the text, image, video, and infographic that you usually find in a website.
  19. 19. The SEO Interesting Topics Catchy Headlines Regular Content Creation Genuine and Helpful Content Content Framework
  20. 20. The SEO Content Frame Work
  21. 21. The SEO Backlink Framework But the search engines along with their super genius scientists have always found a way to make their algorithm safe with the abuse of mass link builders and other spam SEO experts/agencies. Links, or backlinks, is probably the holy grail of search engine optimization. Some even said that the exact algorithm of most search engines especially Google heavily rely on links which connect everything in the entire world-wide-web.
  22. 22. Outreach Guest Post Local Directories Video Submissions Expert Interviews Top Backlink Strategies
  23. 23. Expert Interviews (Sample)
  24. 24. Guest Post (Sample)
  25. 25. Actual Results of this Strategy Starting numbers: Top 3: 23 keywords Top 4-10: 19 keywords Current numbers: Top 3: 34 keywords Top 4-10: 46 keywords Improvement: Top 3: 11 keywords Top 4-10: 27 keywords!!
  26. 26. Social Media (Paid and Organic) MARKETING
  27. 27. SMM is the process of utilizing the TOP SOCIAL SITES to create brand awareness, drive conversation and connect to the most targeted audience as possible Social media users have risen by 2.51 billion this year per Up to 96% of Small Business Owners use Social Media Marketing.
  28. 28. 2 Faces of Social Media Marketing Paid MarketingOrganic
  29. 29. Top Social Media Marketing Network Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest.
  30. 30. Organic Social Media Marketing Organic social media strategies that works: 1. Posting company/brand updates 2. Upcoming events 3. Employee pictures 4. Quotes 5. Memes 6. Blog potsts/tips Organic social media marketing is the process of using social media marketing without paying for advertising.
  31. 31. Organic Social Media Marketing Pros and Cons Cons: 1. Least reach (has been declining in the last 3-4 years) 2. Results will not be that big 3. Can’t create meaningful traction Pros: 1. Does not cost any money 2. Can be done by you or your employee 3. Good strategy to get a hang of it
  32. 32. Organic Social Media Marketing in the Flesh
  33. 33. Organic Social Media Marketing in the Flesh
  34. 34. Paid Social Media Marketing 1. Sales related offer (direct promotion of products and services) 2. Lead generation 3. Retargeting 4. Website traffic generation 5. Blog posts (for more likes and clicks) 6. Legitimate boosting of page likes Paid social media marketing is the process of using social media channels for more reach and results. Paid social media strategies that works:
  35. 35. Paid Social Media Marketing Pros and Cons Pros: 1. Reach are potentially endless 2. Results are potential big (depending on how smart you use the network) 3. You can do testing's and see results pretty quickly 4. Advance targeting features Cons: 1. Potentially cost a lot of money 2. You might loss money if you don’t properly monitor your account.
  36. 36. Paid Social Media Marketing in the Flesh Right ad paid social media ads on Facebook.
  37. 37. Paid Social Media Marketing in the Flesh Timeline paid social media ad on Facebook.
  38. 38. Paid Social Media Marketing in the Flesh Timeline paid social media ad on Facebook (our internal content promotion)
  39. 39. MARKETING Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  40. 40. PPC Marketing is the process of using top PPC networks such as Google Adwords to reach potential customers who: Already have a NEED for products and services Are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for these needs online
  41. 41. Google PPC Ads in the Flesh
  42. 42. Since the use of Ad Blocker plugins has become rampant since last year, Companies are now slowly shifting their online advertising method to NATIVE ADVERTISING Popular international media websites are already using this form of advertising in their sites It is used by local counterparts including and ABS- among others
  43. 43. Native PPC Ads in the Flesh
  44. 44. PPC Marketing Process Searchers Search Engines Advertiser
  45. 45. PPC Marketing Important Aspects
  46. 46. PPC Marketing (Sample) Ads Messages: The New Age Service Management. The New TSM Serving Small, Medium and Enterprise Clients. Gain up to 20% ROI as you pay monthly. Landing page – website. Offer: Get 20% ROI. CTA: Call Now or enquire now! Conversions: Closed to 1M AUD worth of opportunity. Keywords – field service management, field management software.
  47. 47. Actual PPC Marketing Results (Sample)
  48. 48. IMPLEMENTATION Marketing
  49. 49. Three Most Important Aspects of Marketing Implementation 1. The actual marketing STEPS AND GUIDELINE 2. Stick to the MARKETING PLAN and STRATEGY 3. Work CONSISTENTLY
  50. 50. Marketing OPTIMIZATION
  51. 51. While many have succeeded in their Digital Marketing campaigns, many have also failed miserably The reason for failure is NOT that the campaigns lack creativity, quality materials and qualified personnel
  52. 52. It’s because they failed to establish Marketing Analysis and Optimization
  53. 53. MARKETING OPTIMIZATION WHY IS MARKETING ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION IMPORTANT? BENEFITS of marketing analysis, tests and optimization: 1. Identify what’s working and what’s not 2. Check which marketing channels produce the most traffic and conversions 3. Check your visitor’s DEMOGRAPHICS and BEHAVIOR 4. Uncover NEW OPPORTUNITIES 5. Check which keywords have the most traffic (and use them later for paid ads)
  54. 54. MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION 1. Web analytics utilization 2. Data analysis 3. Optimized activities and re- planning based on actual data MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  55. 55. TOP 3RD PARTY ANALYTICS Google Analytics Clicky Statcounter HubSpot Adobe Marketing Cloud GoSquared Moz Analytics Webtrends MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  56. 56. TOP HOSTED ANALYTICS Piwik Open Web Analytics Visitors Pageviews Traffic Referrals Traffic Sources Average Session Duration Percentage of New Sessions TOP WEB ANALYTICS METRICS Demographics Mobile and Desktop Users MARKETING OPTIMIZATION
  57. 57. Analytics Snapshot in the Flesh
  58. 58. Analytics Snapshot in the Flesh List of all traffic channels or sources of visitors that went to our DMP website. Organic search tops all of them, which means our organic exposure is definitely high!
  59. 59. Case Study for Optimization Scenario: A logistic company in Manila wants to get rank for keywords relevant to their business such as logistics company manila, logistics forward manila, etc. For months we had done the SEO game plan I explained in the last slide. Action items: I noticed that in the homepage title there was no “Manila” so we’ve just renamed the title and put “Manila” in it. Results: Multiple 1st pages in and top 1 positions for a few keywords.
  60. 60. Case Study for Optimization – 1st Page
  61. 61. Final Recap Final Recap
  62. 62. Like my Page on Facebook to get the download link of this presentation later today. Don’t forget to use #dlsujemadigitalmarketing for your social posts and selfies ☺