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DLSC Benilde SDA Campus - Social Media in the Philippines


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June 22, 2017 at De La Salle College of St. Benilde Design and Art Campus. I gave a lecture-style presentation to some 15+ multimedia and IT students in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Philippinen (FB: (site:

The main theme of the presentation was the question "Is the Philippines the Social Media Capital of the world?" I answered this question by looking at actual data in comparison to the top social media users in the world.

I also explained to them how people and organizations use social media as well as the best ways to use it as a student or millennial.

Official event pics:

Disclaimer: Think before you click is the original responsible social media usage advocacy of GMA Network.

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DLSC Benilde SDA Campus - Social Media in the Philippines

  1. 1. My Background • Raised in Negros Occidental • Raised by my grandmother while mother is working as a helper for my Tito in Cavite • Came from a broken family (First child of my Father but illegitimate) • “Nakikisama” all of my life until recently • Went to Cavite and lived there since 2005 (12 years now) • Dropped out of college to pursue business endeavors (not recommended) • Has no backer, investor or personal mentor • Network Marketing is my first business
  2. 2. This Was Me in 2007 during MLM Days
  3. 3. My First Ever PC (Pentium 4, 512MB Ram)
  4. 4. This Was Me in 2009 – Day-off
  5. 5. My Current Status • CEO of Digital Marketing Philippines (CJG Digital Marketing). • Ministry Head of Young Adults (millennials) in our local Church. • Member of Pastoral Advisory Council in our local Church. • (Appointed) Corporate President in our local Church. • Employed 15 full-time people with above minimum salary with performance bonuses and commissions. • Has active partners in USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. • Active direct clients all-over the world. • Married with 1 Child (2nd is upcoming)
  6. 6. My Team
  7. 7. 2017 Leadership Summit
  8. 8. 2017 Leadership Summit
  9. 9. Humanitarian Mission 2017
  10. 10. Humanitarian Mission 2017
  11. 11. Humanitarian Mission 2017
  13. 13. FACEBOOK In Q1 of 2017, Facebook had over 1.128 billion daily active visitors. 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook. 75% of male internet users and of 83% female internet users are on Facebook. Data sources:,
  14. 14. Facebook Users by Country
  15. 15. INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER of millennials check Twitter at least once per day. 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network. Females are more likely to use Instagram (38%) than men (26%). Most Instagram users are between 18-29 years old. 81% Data source:
  16. 16. Data came from WeAreSocial SG: in-2017-southeast-asia THE PHILIPPINES
  17. 17. Data came from WeAreSocial SG: in-2017-southeast-asia THE PHILIPPINES
  18. 18. Data came from WeAreSocial SG: in-2017-southeast-asia THE PHILIPPINES
  20. 20. Data came from WeAreSocial SG: in-2017-southeast-asia Facebook is the most actively-used social media platform (57%), followed by Youtube(56%), FB messenger (46%) THE PHILIPPINES
  22. 22. 1. PC users spend an average 9 hours per day 2. Mobile net users spend an average 3 hours and 36 minutes 3. Social media browsing average usage is 4h and 17 minutes in any devices. THE PHILIPPINES
  23. 23. 1. Checks emails 2. Visits a social network 3. Uses a search engine like Google 4. Looks for product information 5. Listens to Music THE PHILIPPINES
  27. 27. Is the Philippines the Social Media Capital of the World? Facts USA Philippines India Brazil Total population 325.3m 103m 1.3b 210.4m Total internet users 286.9m 60m 462m 139.1 Total Facebook users 219m 60m 213m 123m Total social penetration 66% 58% 14% 58% Avg social media use 2h 06m 4h 17m 2h 36m 3h 43m Data source:
  29. 29. PERSONAL USE A way to engage with family and friends regardless of their current location. Because its audience is meant to be people you know personally, there is a lot of freedom in many aspects such as posts, profile pictures, bios, etc.
  30. 30. PERSONAL USE PERSONAL USAGE BENEFITS: 1. OFW workers to connect with families in PH 2. LDR relationships 3. Get updated with companies/brands you like 4. Get updated with government orgs and emergency news. 5. Catch up with friends and families.
  31. 31. Inspiring Stories PERSONAL USE
  32. 32. Involves strategizing, quality control, consistency, and being able to measure analytics for evaluation of results. A way to connect with their market on a more personal level It is essential to build and maintain an image that you want to present to your audience. BUSINESS USE
  33. 33. BUSINESS USE TYPES OF BUSINESS THAT CAN BENEFIT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA: 1. Traditional or start-up businesses 2. Network marketing or MLM 3. Cafés and other food business 4. Small, medium and big businesses 5. Non-profit organization 6. Schools
  34. 34. WHAT YOU CAN DO IN SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR BUSINESS: 1. Boost brand awareness 2. Get more followers 3. More physical customers to your storefront 4. More inquiries or leads 5. More phone calls 6. More sales BUSINESS USE
  35. 35. Business Use – Success Story
  36. 36. BY MILLENNIALS 1. Lovelife/Hugots 2. Intellectual dissent 3. Personal thoughts and opinions 4. News and information 5. Catching up with friends 6. Visual blogging (travel, foods, trips, etc) 7. Entertainment 8. Stalking crush or ex?
  37. 37. IN POLITICS The recent 2016 election proved to be one of the fiercest battle in the social media arena both in Philippines as well as in USA. President Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump’s social media strategies were far better than their top competitors. Until this very moment, the Pro’s and Anti’s are still using social media to make their views stand out to their respective target audience.
  38. 38. IN GOVERNMENT The recent earthquakes that rocked he Metro and its neighboring areas/provinces was a scary experience for many, leaving some of us scrambled. However, the government’s quick update through social media proved to be beneficial for those who were shocked by the event.
  39. 39. Perhaps one of the most heavily engaged government agencies in the Internet world is the MMDA official Twitter account. MMDA invested people to really check on questions and actually provide quick answers for the motorists and drivers on the road. IN GOVERNMENT
  41. 41. It’s important to make sure that you are not accidentally sharing info that you didn’t intend to be seen by people other than your friends or followers. CHECK YOUR PROFILE’S PRIVACY By not doing so, you are at risk of identity theft or have unwanted people pester you.
  42. 42. CHECK YOUR PROFILE’S PRIVACY Facebook’s Privacy Settings and Tools allow you to edit your preferences on who can see your posts, who can contact you, and who can search for you using your email address or phone number.
  43. 43. You also have the option of choosing who can send you private messages, tag you in images or tweets, and search for you using your email address or phone number. In Twitter and Instagram, you can toggle between having a public account or a private account where you can control who can follow you and can see your posts. CHECK YOUR PROFILE’S PRIVACY
  44. 44. Remember: we all have the right to express ourselves, but not in a way that disregards the rights of others. Think twice before posting anything that can endanger your privacy and security, or hurt you and others. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK
  45. 45. Freedom of speech and expression is not absolute, and you can be held criminally liable for slander or libel especially since social media is a public stream. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK
  46. 46. • Minimize ranting and slamming • When engaging in arguments online, refrain from using swear or bad words • Never allow emotions get the best out of you in social media THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK
  47. 47. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK • What will people get out of these posts? • Will people learn something from these? • What will my father or mother feel when they see these posts?
  48. 48. DON’T POST PERSONAL INFORMATION AS A GENERAL RULE, NEVER POST YOUR: • Birth year • Middle or mother’s maiden name • Home address • Social security number (and other ID numbers) • Password • Mobile or phone numbers • Credit or debit card numbers • And other pieces of information that can be traced to your identity.
  49. 49. DON’T POST PERSONAL INFORMATION Identity theft Case:
  50. 50. Identity theft Case: DON’T POST PERSONAL INFORMATION
  51. 51. Think of this as an extension of your resume or interview. Employers want to evaluate the type of person you are, and if you are a good match to the company’s culture. If you present any discrepancy with your projected image as to that of your social media identity, it may cost you the job. YOUR PROFILE DOES GET CHECKED OUT BY POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS
  52. 52. Want a high- paying and rewarding JOB? YOUR PROFILE DOES GET CHECKED OUT BY POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS Then fix your profile and project an image that are exact relevant to what your potential employers might look.
  53. 53. Your social media profile is an extension of your image and reputation, much like the clothes you wear, the places you go to, and the things you like. It is a representation of who you are. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE SPEAKS FOR YOURSELF
  54. 54. Never post, like, share, retweet, comment, or fave anything that you wouldn’t want to be associated with you. If you have friends whose opinions you cannot respect or does not respect yours, never hesitate to unfriend or unfollow them. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE SPEAKS FOR YOURSELF
  55. 55. Remember that social media is like being in a public place where you can freely express yourself, only in a digital world. But unlike a public place, whatever you post may be imprinted in the minds of your friends. YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE SPEAKS FOR YOURSELF
  56. 56. DON’T BE A ZOMBIE For all the greatness of social media, it shouldn’t be the center of your lives. There is more to life than social media, and many teenagers nowadays tend to throw away this fact. Remember: there are plenty of opportunities to log in, but there is only one opportunity to savor the moment. Don’t let it pass.
  57. 57. DON’T BE A ZOMBIE Savor and Live in the NOW!!
  58. 58. FINAL RECAP 1. Check your profiles privacy 2. Think before you click 3. Don’t post personal information 4. Your profile does get check by potential employees, so be careful. 5. Your social profile speaks for yourself. 6. Don’t be a social media ZOMBIE
  59. 59. Social media is a very powerful tool like gravity. Your proper usage of this tool can affect your personal, career and business lives. Start using social media responsively starting today and let it work for you. Jomer B. Gregorio
  60. 60. Like my Page on Facebook to get the download link of this presentation later today.