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2016 Multi-channel Digital Marketing Presentation


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September 10, 2016. Digital Marketing - An Innovation to Modern Age at University of Caloon City Main Campus Manila Philippines.

The powerpoint presentation file for my talk about Multi-channel Digital Marketing and my life story as an Entrepreneur.

I am honored to share my knowledge to some 250+ marketing students who are about to graduate and exercise their marketing expertise in the marketplace.

I shared some of the inner knowledge I have learned in the past few years of running a digital marketing agency as well as working with clients around the world.

Thank you University of Caloocan City, its Teachers, Staffs, Marketing Students and Attendees. I hope to meet you again.

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2016 Multi-channel Digital Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. • Raised in Negros Occidental • Raised by my grandmother while mother is working as a helper for my Tito • Came from a broken family • Nakikisama all of my lives until recently • Went to Cavite and live there since 2005 (11 years now) • Dropped out of college to pursue business endeavors • Has no backer, investor or personal mentor • Network Marketing is my first business In short, I am just an ordinary person like YOU!
  2. 2. • 100% owned and operated Digital Marketing Philippines (CJG Digital Marketing) from ground and up. • Employed 15 full-time people with above average Manila minimum salary + performance bonus and commissions. • Has active partners in USA, Australia, Canada, Dubai and UK. • Active clients all over the world. • Married with 1 Child. • Ministry Head of Young Adults in our local Church. If I can do it, you CAN do it too!
  5. 5. Better Understanding of your clients Clearly defines your Target Market Create a tailored Marketing Strategy Carefully Plan your marketing ahead Create an Optimized Digital Marketing Strategy based on your allocated budget
  6. 6. 85% of Filipino Internet users search and watch ONLINE VIDEOS about the brands, products and services they are interested in before they buy Most won’t mind an ONLINE AD 83% believe that ADs that provide RELEVANT INFORMATION can actually make their lives easier
  8. 8. MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION Web analytics utilization Data analysis Optimized activities and re-planning based on actual data