The World’s Greatest Education for the Modern Marketer


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Instructed by Aaron Kahlow.

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  • What the we see from the Data What we see from people– What we see from folks like you
  • Just in case don’t know OMI:  We educate the world on Digital marketing with eLearning Center primarily of 100s of classes, but also through live workshops both online and in person around the world from Sao Paulo to London; Hong Kong to Berlin,  Hong Kong to Paris, and this week Dubai, Mumbai and Shanghai and of course all over US in over 30 cities. 
  • The World’s Greatest Education for the Modern Marketer

    1. 1. The World’s Greatest Education for theModern MarketerIntegrated Social, Mobile & DigitalMarketing SuccessFiltered down from 100s of Classes created by World’s Top EducatorsSourced from:
    2. 2. Dubai• Understanding for the strategic framework for how toexecute effectively on social media campaigns• What to do about the Big Data question and how it fits inthe metrics for success• Top Facebook tactics to making fans turn into customers• Pinterest & Instagram primer on how to make theseplatforms work for your brand• Small business tips and tactics for integrated digitalmarketing
    3. 3. AgendaI. Big Picture Global Industry Trends &ResearchII. Strategic Framework for Good SocialIII. Top Tactics & Strategies driving Success*A Moment on Education & Meaningful
    4. 4. Me….Background - Built 3 businesses in Digital1. Agency of the Year – BusinessOnline2. Media Company with OMS a globalDigital Education Event3. Global Destination for eLearning – OMIExpertise – Digital & Education• Social Media, Usability, Search…• Simplify Complex Digital to Businessfriendly Perspective• Education – eLearning, Technology, …
    5. 5. Who Are You?What do you Do?How Does Social Impact Career or Company?Why are you here (learn)?Grab Card: On back write word/phraseYour Turn
    6. 6. ① Strategy: Content Marketing Mapping② Traffic: SEO through Google+③ Awareness: Facebook Amplification Techniques④ Awareness: LinkedIn/Facebook Hyper (Re) Targeted Advertising⑤ List Building : Twitter Community & Tribe Building⑥ Engagement: Visual Story Telling Pinterest & Instagram⑦ Conversion: The Psychology and Science⑧ Social Advertising: Social + Digital Display Re-targeting⑨ User Experience on Mobile⑩ Big Data and Attribution Modeling11 Analytics: ZMOT State of MindTop 10 Must Knows & Do’s
    7. 7. The Buy Cycle: Think Touch PointsSource: ForresterAdvice fromcolleague orfriendWeb, Blog,& MediaWeb, Blog,Media, &industry prosWeb, social,&
    8. 8. Ultimately, Educated Integrated
    9. 9.
    10. 10. • There’s a lot we can get excited about• Something we can contribute towards(Ex: Girls Rising: Charity for Young Girls)• But Few areas we can make impact…• Educating yourself is ONE of those areas• And Now with eLearning, no excuse• Creates energy, passion and EnthusiasmA Moment on Education
    11. 11. “Nothing Great has ever been createdwithout Enthusiasm.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson
    12. 12. Sourced from OMI Tutorial LibraryAaron@OnlineMarketingInstitute.orgOrLinkedIn “Aaron Kahlow”
    13. 13. www.onlinemarketinginstitute.orgContact Me at “Aaron Kahlow” on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedInThank You!Next Steps to Learning
    14. 14. Further References*eConsultancy: Digital Intelligence Briefing**Comscore: Power of Like 2012***iMediaConnection: 2012 InfoGraphicsArticle & Pew Internet StudyClasses at: