Intent Data: Email Marketing on Steroids


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Instructed by Rob Armstrong.

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  • How to loop intent data into email marketing campaigns.
  • Intent Data: Email Marketing on Steroids

    1. 1. Intent Data Email Marketing on Steroids Speaker Robert Armstrong Madison Logic
    2. 2. Today You Will Learn • Insights into the B2B Buyer Journey and how to accurately determine where your prospects are on the sales/marketing funnel • Why email is a mainstay in today’s marketing world • Best practices for conducting your own email marketing campaign • The power of intent data for marketers
    3. 3. About Me Rob Armstrong Vice President, Product Management Rob has a rich background in Ad Tech, having served in product management positions since 2008. Rob pioneered the industry's first APIs to DoubleClick's DFA6 and Microsoft's Atlas ad servers and authored the specs on “package buying” features for digital media buyers using Donovan Data Systems. Next, Rob joined the startup scene beginning with DoubleVerify, the industry's leading ad verification solution for display, video and mobile advertising. There, Rob rolled out the company’s UI platform and managed the client reporting and insights team. Then, Rob joined a newly formed startup, AdFin, seeking to make transparent the price and volume patterns of the RTB ad exchanges. At AdFin, Rob ran product and marketing, building the company's brand, pitch materials and product offering from scratch. Rob hails from Atlantic City, NJ and holds a B.A. in Journalism from Washington and Lee University.
    4. 4. Agenda • The B2B Buyer Journey • Email Marketing Best Practices – – – – Subject Lines Content and Creative Times Calls to Action Audience Segmentation • Intent Data – What, Why and How? • Key Takeaways
    5. 5. The B2B Buyer Journey – 5 Key Data Points Multi-Touch · Multi-Channel · Multi-Person 1. 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy (Gleanser Research) 2. Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales (Gleanster Research) 3. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost (Forrester Research) 4. 70% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this performance (Marketing Sherpa) 5. It takes 10 touches to go from initial contact to a closed deal (The Aberdeen Group)
    6. 6. The B2B Buyer Journey Lead Generation Display Nurturing Display Nurturing, Content & Marketing Automation Call Prospect Meet All Deadlines Celebrate Follow-Up Daily
    7. 7. Email Marketing - Stats • • • • May 2012 data from the CMO Council showed a significant majority of marketers worldwide (67%) rated email the most successful digital marketing tactic. 40% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing (house list) as high-quality. Despite the limitations, budget allocations for email marketing increased in 2012 by 15%, with over half of marketers expecting another increase in 2013. This is due to a third of the respondents accounting email marketing for 50% - or more - of all digital business revenue. (CMO Council, February 13) (Source: Software Advice Survey) 90% of marketers say they will increase or maintain their use of email.
    8. 8. Email Marketing - Stats Lyris states that 145 Billion emails are sent annually, with each user receiving approximately 9,000 emails a year. How will you break through? Discipline and Intent.
    9. 9. Email Marketing Best Practices How to Break Through a Cluttered Inbox
    10. 10. Email Marketing – Best Practices
    11. 11. Email Marketing – Best Practices
    12. 12. Email Marketing Best Practices
    13. 13. Email Marketing Best Practices
    14. 14. Email Marketing Best Practices
    15. 15. Email Marketing Best Practices
    16. 16. Email Marketing Best Practices
    17. 17. Email Marketing Best Practices
    18. 18. Email Marketing Best Practices Mailing towards the middle of the week and mid-day generally provides the best metrics. Test to optimize for your subscribers Source – MailChimp Case Study, 2012
    19. 19. Intent Data How to Supercharge Your Email Marketing Campaigns
    20. 20. What is Intent Data? Intent Data is driven by ACTION. Downloaded White Paper Viewed Webinar Read Case Study Article Interest DATA AGGREGATOR INTENT Requested Demo Social Activity
    21. 21. Intent Data for Lead Nurturing
    22. 22. Intent Data for Lead Nurturing
    23. 23. Email Marketing Case Study HR Vertical Email Campaign
    24. 24. Audience Segmentation – Powered by Intent Data Key Finding: 69% of consumers are willing to give up personal data in exchange for more customized service – Marketing Sherpa • Personalization of service is all but expected • Intent data drives the ability to create better segmentation and make your messaging and client communication more meaningful • Analyze the information coming into your marketing automation platform to identify what pieces of content are doing best • What pieces of content are being downloaded and consumed? • Drive action into insights and plan engagement strategies around those insights
    25. 25. How To Collect Your Own Intent Data Utilize the information given to you by your marketing automation platform • Content downloads • Consumption rates • Asset performance based on user demographics • Email open rates Goal: Establish relevant messaging and communications to foster a trustworthy relationship between you and your prospects along the buyer journey
    26. 26. Madison Logic: Audience Segment Builder
    27. 27. Move The Needle
    28. 28. Move The Needle – CTA A/B Test
    29. 29. Key Takeaways 1. B2B Buyer Journey • Know where your prospects are along the buyer journey in order to personalize marketing messages and communication 2. Importance of Email Marketing • Email is here to stay. Make sure you’re doing it right 3. Email Marketing Best Practices • Discipline all of the components of an email marketing campaign in order to ensure a positive ROI 4. Intent Data for Email Marketing • Personalization and customization of messaging can drastically improve content relevance and campaign performance 5. How to Collect and Analyze Your Own Intent Data • Utilize existing data from marketing automation or email service platforms to customize offers and campaigns to your prospects
    30. 30. Thank You! Learn more at