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5 lessons about ebook publishing


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Have a look at this video to clear all the doubts regarding e-book publishing
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5 lessons about ebook publishing

  1. 1.  Ever since 2007 once the digital book reading devices came into scene ebook has become quite a trend in book publishing now many book publishing companies like onlinegatha , lulu , etc have made a great approach to this ebook strategy.  Before moving into this virtual world of book reading it’s very important to know some important facts about ebook publishing.
  2. 2. While promoting your book to your audience you should always keep in mind to promote your ebook rather than paperback or hardcopy the reason behind is to seek into the readers mind before expending more into printing of the books. Promoting paperback in the first round of book promotions can get your funds leaked heavily since paperback means printing and maintaining the stock of your book physically thus increasing the cost overall.
  3. 3. Keep a close eye while making your cover since its the first part of your product (book) which your customer are going to see and if does not make close relevance to your book theme they will not be able to connect to your book . For that you can hire some of the graphics designer from various top notch freelancer websites like upwork , freelancer etc also you can seek some of the ebook publishing companies in India like onlinegatha to harvest your book publishing needs starting from cover designing to book promotions and marketing.
  4. 4. Being a digital mode of book publishing making zero production cost ,ebook becomes more prominent in terms of making good profits . There are several ebook publishers in india providing high royalties as compared to paperback even upto 85% in some of the top book publishers in india like onlinegatha .
  5. 5. Making an ebook can help your book reach humongous number of audience from all over the world , your book is now just a click away from your reader sitting even 1000 miles away from your place .This is a beauty of digital world and publishing an ebook it helps you cater your book in the most prominent way to your readers now you just need to share the book links to your readers database and they can directly make the payments and start reading your book immediately at the same moment .
  6. 6. Publishing an eBook know days have become quite a trend now and so it becomes more important to keep your content safe and secure from the general audience on the internet , since once the content is converted into an ebook and is made available to the readers on the internet it may lead to piracy of your content in several ways , since there are several organizations and individuals working on the same mechanism to cut down the overall efficiency of your book and hence it becomes more important to keep an eye over the different security prospects you would like to keep your digital content secure while over the internet.