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Exceed online kyle aspinal

  1. 1. • Who’s heard of Magento?Questions
  2. 2. • Who’s heard of Magento?• Who’s heard of Open Source Software?Questions
  3. 3. Brief History of Open Source
  4. 4. • A couple of Developers• A lot of Users• No Framework• Little Testing or Support• Little to No Documentation• Low Security – hacks are inevitable• Motivation?1st Generation 1998 - 2005
  5. 5. • A bunch more Developers• A bunch more Users• PHP 5 – Fully object orientated• Modular Architecture• Frameworks - rapid application development• Motivations?2nd Generation 2005 +
  6. 6. • In production and development, open source as aphilosophy promotes universal access via a freelicense to the products design or blueprint, and b)universal redistribution of that design orblueprint, including subsequent improvements to itby anyone.What is Open Source?
  7. 7. • Customers choose Magento because our cost-effective solutions—built on open sourcetechnology—enable businesses of all sizes tocontrol and customise the look and feel, content,and functionality of their online stores.Why Magento software?
  8. 8. • Core Magento product is free• Available to download, and own 100%• Documentation (Is openly available)• Fully customisable• Security• Quality of codeMagento + Open Source?
  9. 9. • Cost – opportunity costs• Freedom versus vendor lock in• Flexibility• Support Options• Try before you buyBusiness benefits to the Merchant
  10. 10. Magento in 20133 Million+ Downloads
  11. 11. Magento in 20133 Million+ Downloads$25 Billion Transactions / year
  12. 12. Magento in 20133 Million+ Downloads$25 Billion Transactions / year500,000+ Community Members
  13. 13. Magento in 20133 Million+ Downloads$25 Billion Transactions / year500,000+ Community Members150,000+ Merchants
  14. 14. Magento in 20133 Million+ Downloads$25 Billion Transactions / year500,000+ Community Members6,000+ Extensions150,000+ Merchants
  15. 15. TIMELINE
  16. 16. TIMELINE
  17. 17. TIMELINE
  18. 18. TOP ONE MILLION SITES - FEB 2013
  19. 19. Who uses Magento?
  20. 20. Who uses Magento?
  21. 21. • Team of 25 in-house full time staff• Full-service, long-term partner focus• 100% Committed to Strategies that increaserevenue• Magento Excellence Award Winners (selected out of650 partners globally)ABOUT EXCEED ONLINE
  22. 22. HISTORY• Worked with number of products includingeStar, Compose, Vendorama, Xcart & ZenCart• Locked in and limited NEW Features• Road Map is slow and dictated by provider• 100% ‘their product’ focused• Closed black box solution• Limited back up and on-going support
  23. 23. UPSELLS & RELATED PRODUCTSIncreasing AOVUp-sells:More expensive productsdesigned to make thecustomer spend more.Related products:Complementary productsshown on the productpage.
  24. 24. CROSS-SELLSIncreasing AOVCross-Sells:Cheaper, last minuteproducts on shoppingcart
  25. 25. SHOP BY ATTRIBUTE (QUICK FIND)• Your customers can filter categories bySize, Colour, Brand, Price and any other attribute loadedagainst a product
  26. 26. PRIVATE SALES• Offer exclusive sales to select customers.• ‘Merchant invite only’ or ‘invite a friend’ – Furtherpromotes the exclusivity of the sale.
  27. 27. CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION• Use Magento to personalise the browsing experiencebased off your customer data including browsinghabits, birthday, products purchased etc.• Target first time site visitors with promotions and convertthem into buyers.• Target returning customers based on what they’ve lookedat or purchased – even location
  28. 28. ON SITE SEARCH
  29. 29. MULTI STORE
  30. 30. NEWSLETTER SIGNUPS• Send targeted communications via email bringing customersback to your site or other social profiles.• Acquisition versus retention
  31. 31. SOCIAL MEDIA
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA
  33. 33. ABANDONED CART FOLLOW UP• Get people back to their cart and continuing checkoutthrough abandoned cart follow up• People may leave cart/checkout for a number of reasons.• Recover 15-25% of abandoned carts with follow up emails
  34. 34. MOBILE• 26% of online purchasesare now made on mobiledevices• Less than 15% of Australianbusinesses (and even lessfor NZ) are optimised formobile.
  35. 35. CLEAR SHIPPING & RETURNS POLICIES• Answer your customer’s concerns quickly.- How much is shipping?- How long will it take to get here?- What happens if I don’t like it?
  36. 36. FREE SHIPPINGBetter yet, offer free shipping
  37. 37. ECOMMERCE TRACKING• Use Google Analytics to track traffic, sources and revenuefigures• Make decisions based on facts, not assumptions
  38. 38. INTEGRATION• Not everyone needs integration.• When manual tasks become difficult to manage useintegration to streamline process & add scalability• Magento has open APIs and can integrate with any system.
  39. 39. INFRASTRUCTUREDon’t skimp on infrastructure.
  41. 41. DAY TO DAY ISSUESClients dont have a thorough scope. “We’re in a rush!”Clients want all of the default functionality out of the box. ALLOF IT!“Let’s copy our competitors” or an international website inthe same vertical with no idea whether the feature adds valueto the business.Launching too many new initiatives in the first phase. Toomany unknowns – Loyalty Programme, Customer Groups, GiftRegistry, Gift Cards, Store Credits.
  42. 42. OUR APPROACH• Break the project into smaller low-riskprojects/phases/iterations.• Each phase is a self-contained mini-project composedof activities such asrequirements, design, programming and testing.• Prioritise Functionality to achieve rapid ROI
  43. 43. OUR APPROACHFocus on features that impact the bottom line
  44. 44. EXAMPLE PHASE ONEMagento CoreFront End InterfaceOM/ PIMERPAccounting
  45. 45. EXAMPLE PHASE TWOExtensionsEMAILENGINEExtensionsExtensionsMagento CoreFront End InterfaceOM/ PIMERPAccounting
  46. 46. EXAMPLE PHASE THREEExtensionsEMAILENGINEExtensionsExtensionsWord PressFaceBook TwitterREVIEWSMagento CoreFront End InterfaceOM/ PIMERPAccounting
  47. 47. EXAMPLE PHASE FOURExtensionsEMAILENGINEExtensionsExtensionsWord PressFaceBook TwitterREVIEWSMagento CoreOM/ PIMERPAccountingFront End Interface Front End Interface