Hillcrest Sports Medicine


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My business presentation about my sports medicine clinic.

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Hillcrest Sports Medicine

  1. 1. JAYDE HESSLERSophomore at Gibbon High School
  2. 2. FAMILY• Parents; Pam and Steve• Step: Step-mom Julie, step-sister Natasha and step-brother Jeremiah
  3. 3. GOALS• Graduating from high school• Attending college• Successful business
  4. 4. HILLCREST SPORTS MEDICINE• 830 2nd Avenue, Kearney NE 68848• (402) 890-0544 • Jayde Hessler, CEO • 45665 69th Road Gibbon, NE 68840 • October 1st, 2012 • Jayde Hessler • Copy Number 1
  5. 5. HILLCREST SPORTS MEDICINE• My business will be only me (as of now)• My business will be a sports medicine & orthopedic surgery• My business will be in Kearney or somewhere close. Possibly Grand Island or Lincoln also.• It is unique because it will be a very friendly and open environment. It won’t be like many other doctor’s offices.
  6. 6. MARKET OPPORTUNITIES• My business will take the be in the position of taking advantage of the sports medicine field. We will use what is necessary and do our best to make our business the best.• The market is right for my business because athletics is a big thing, and it will continue to be for generations.• Our friendly policies and doctors will bring in customers. We will make sure that our business is the best possible for your needs.
  7. 7. MISSION STATEMENT• We will do our very best to grant you with what is needed. Our trained and specialized staff will care for you injuries and meet them to full recovery. We will listen carefully to your goals and see them through.
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT Physical Therapist Other Doctors Physical Therapists Management Radiology RadiologyMe, CEO/doctor Other Doctors Management Technicians Office Manager Office Staff
  9. 9. COMPETITORS• In today’s economy, I am competing with other sports medicine clinics and even regular doctors offices.• What makes my company stronger is that we are dedicated to our patients. We will see them through and care for them the best way possible.• The weakness of our competitors we are targeting are the how in depth they are into their specialty and the well being of our clients.
  10. 10. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• What will make my company successful is our advance knowledge, our personability, and our advertising.• Our business location will make us successful because it will be in a well known and business area in that city.• Our business décor will make our business successful because it will be modern and professional. We will keep the outside of the building neat and not cluttered.
  11. 11. FINANCIAL PROJECTION• The inventory of our business will be a collection of office items, medical equipment, and physical therapy equipment. The cost of this will roughly be around $2.5 million.• A prediction of profit in three years is roughly around $5 million.• Our goal is to be the top sports medicine in the area in 5 to 10 years. We want to be the best of the best and fulfill what our clients need so they recommend their family and friends to come here also.
  12. 12. STRATEGIC RELATIONS• I want my company to have many healthy relationships with some of the top people in this area. We want to have the top of the line for our company.• We will have the top attorney, advertising company, accountant, and investors.• I would get local businesses and schools to make my business bigger and better and that also can refer people to my business.
  13. 13. S.W.O.T ANALYSIS• The strengths of our company is that we will be the most worthy and the top of the line for our clients. We won’t treat you like just another person, we will treat you with respect.• The weakness we need to over come is trying to get up and running.• The opportunities we are taking advantage of is that we are an up and coming business, so we can make the best of ourselves before anyone can prove other wise.• The threats we have to overcome is the other doctors office’s around. Hopefully we can make nice with them in the end so they can recommend to us if someone has a special need that we can help them in.
  14. 14. PRODUCTS/SERVICES• My service is to provide the task of making your physical heath better.• I will provide physical therapy and objects to help in that service. We will also provide any braces or needed objects for any injuries.
  15. 15. MARKET ANALYSIS• My target audience is high school, college, and professional athletes.• My competition would be other doctors offices and other sports medicine doctors offices.• My market trends would be that sports are always popular and are on the rise.• We will research the rise and fall of the sports athlete market.
  16. 16. COMPANY BRANDING• I want my company to have a strong and well known brand. I want my image to be well known around the state.• I will market my brand by advertising everywhere and aiding in a relationship with other doctors offices.• Hillcrest Sports Medicine, We bust ours to fix yours!
  17. 17. CAPITAL FUNDS NEEDED• I need a million dollars. I will need $50,000 for computers. I will need $750,000 for medical equipment.• I will need a loan to get my business up and running. I feel it will be very easy when my business is up and running to repay the loans.• For my cash flow statement, after expenses each year, I will have a generous of money left for more research and to update technology.
  18. 18. GLOBAL STRATEGY• At this time, I have no global strategy.
  19. 19. TRAINING• I plan to put my managers through a training course. I think this would be good because if they go through special courses, they will be the best in management.• I will train new employees by other employees. The past employees would know how the way things work around my business, so they could easily teach the new employees the ropes of the business.
  20. 20. ETHICS• Customers and investment professionals will trust me because I will give them every reason to. I would not give them any reason to not trust my business. My business will be the most trustworthy in this field.• Our policies and people will prove that our business is trustworthy. We will always stick to our word.