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The Science Behind Smart Guns


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Online Carry Training has all of the information you need about firearms. Visit to learn more. Several states are pushing for legislation, which would require all new guns manufactured in the United States to be smart guns. These can be RFID or biometric based guns that will not fire unless certain conditions are met. Firearms are moving into a new advent of technology.

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The Science Behind Smart Guns

  1. 1. States Push for “Smart” Gun Legislation ! A  “Smart”  Gun  is  one  that  will  only  fire  if  the   authorized  shooter  fires  the  gun.   ! This  gun  uses  RFID  (radio  frequency  ID)  or   biometrics  to  identify  the  shooter.   ! Many  states  are  pushing  for  legislation  to   require  all  new  handguns  to  be  “Smart”   guns.  
  2. 2. Benefits  of  “Smart”  Guns   ! A  stolen  gun  could  not  be  fired  by  a   criminal.   ! A  young  child  could  not  fire  a  gun  and   unintentionally  injure  or  cause  their   own  fatality.    
  3. 3. • This  type  of  gun  uses  physical features  to  determine  who  can   fire  the  handgun.   • These  can  include  voice recognition,  fingerprints,  retina   scanners,  or  even  the  way  the   shooter  grips  the  gun.   • Using  one  or  more  of  these recognition  features,  the  safety   will  be  switched  off  and  the   shooter  allowed  to  fire  the  gun.   Biometric  Gun  
  4. 4. • This  type  of technology  requires   the  shooter  to  wear  an   ID  chip  somewhere  on   their  body  for  the  gun   to  shoot.   • This  type  of  chip  can be  in  a  watch,  ring,  or   even  in  a  piece  of   clothing.     RFID  (radio  frequency  ID)  Gun  
  5. 5. Still  Under  Development   • One  company  has released  a  “Smart”  Gun.   • Armatrix  uses  RFID technology  with  the   computer  chip  placed   inside  a  watch.    
  6. 6. Visit