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Andreea Stan - Online Marketing & Communications Professional


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Short Presentation of Andreea Stan - Online Marketing & Communications Professional

Published in: Business, Technology
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Andreea Stan - Online Marketing & Communications Professional

  1. 1. Online Marketing & Communications Professional ANDREEA STANSKILLS & EXPERTISEonline marketing & communications strategic communicationscrisis communications trainingFacebook Ads Ad Wordssocial media SEOcontent creation & optimization online advertisingpublic relations corporate communicationsmarketing communications internal communicationspublic speaking media & bloggers relationsevents
  2. 2. about ANDREEA STANConfident with competitive drive, initiative and the ability to make decisions and takeresponsibility for them, I can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up withideas for dealing with them.My drive is purposeful, directed at getting things done quickly. I respond positively andactively to challenge and pressure, and I have confidence in my ability to handle novelproblems and people. I am an outgoing person, a lively and enthusiastic communicator.Sure of myself, I set high standards of achievement for me and others and look foropportunities to compete and to win. I am ambitious both for myself and for the business whichemploys me.As a manager of people or projects, my attention is on where I’m bringing my team, and whatgoals I want them to achieve. Comfortable delegating details and implementation plans, I willdiscuss ideas with others, and I am open to their view points, but I will only change my mindwhen the idea better helps my overall goal. Constantly looking to improve performance andability to compete. With an interest in other people and their development, I will delegateauthority, limiting such delegation to people in whom I have high levels of confidence, followingup for timely results. Predictive Index Summary, 2012
  3. 3. background ANDREEA STANEDUCATIONSNSPA – University of Communication and Public Relations, BucharestHuman Resources Diploma (2006)LANGUAGESEnglishFrenchItalianDIPLOMASFORMATOR, CNFPA (november 2011)EMPRETEC (May 2010) – Entrepreneurship Training WorkshopHuman Resources Inspector Certification (2007) – Arrow Training CenterDL (Diplome de Langue) - LAlliance Française de Constanta (1999)
  4. 4. employee ANDREEA STANONLINE MARKETING MANGERYellow Store (2012)ONLINE MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGERWebstyler, (2009 –2010)ONLINE GLOBAL MARKETING & COMMUNICATION SCOORDINATORBitDefender (2008 –2009)PR MANAGER ROMANIA (CEMENA PR COORDINATOR )BitDefender (2007)PR MANAGERDotCommerce Romania (2005 –2006 ) for more details please visit my Linkedin profile
  5. 5. freelance ANDREEA STANConsultancy, creation and implementation of unique and efficient online marketing &communications strategies for various clients (directly or outsourcing agencies), includingSocial Media, Facebook Ads & Google AdWords, content.2010 to present for more details please visit my Linkedin profileOxygen Public Relations & Frank GroupGaranti Bank, Cinema City, Skoda, Silhouette ITistii.roThe Bassement LexonnPromotionalLabGrant’s Whisky Romania Atelier RecreativAlexandrion Grup Romania Poseidon Club LifeAfterWorkWebstyler & GMP PR DeMolay International RomaniaQAB(Lipton, Pepsi), SAB Miller (Timisoreana), Caffe TabietA&Pharma (Elancyl), Fundatia Sensiblu TemperaEvents EcowashmobileSerban & Musneci Associates Belle Maison SPAPapaya Advertising
  6. 6. freelance ANDREEA STANSPEAKEROnline Business Forum, Iasi (2010)“How To Measu re The efficiency of Your O n lin e Actions”Online Business Forum Brasov (2011)“Feedback is 50”Hotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference (2012), Social conference“Online basics”TRAINER“Online Basics” Seminar (2012)Oxygen PR & Frank GroupGaranti BankCinema CitySilhouettePapaya Advertising
  7. 7. proof of concept ANDREEA STAN Descopera Grant’s.Spune-ti povestea! Grant’s Whisky Romania, 2011About: From 15 September to 15 December 2011, the Grant’s Whisky Romania Facebook page hosted, on adedicated app, the contest: Descopera Grant’s. Spune-ti povestea! Users were invited to share their story (text,video or photo format) and then invite their friends or convince other fans to vote it (UGC). The first 25 storieswith the higher number of votes won an IPad.Did: Development of online strategy, mechanism, action plan and implementation, coordination of a team (6) asthe Digital Project Manager (including Facebook Ads management)Objective: 5 000 likes on the Grant’s Whisky Romania Facebook Page.Results: 34 895 likes (12 weeks), 3 500 daily active users, 50 000 unique visitors Leading IT, 2010Did: Managing the launch of in B2C IT services segment by identifying core target consumers, deliverthe brand strategy and yearly brand activity plan and manage marketing mix: price, communication andpromotions strategies. Implementation of marketing & communications strategy, including Social Media,Facebook Ads & Google AdWords, content.Results: 5000 unique visitors on site (43% search engine), 3,74% conversion to qualified leads
  8. 8. proof of concept ANDREEA STAN Fotbal Adevarat Timisoreana -SABMiller, 2010About: Timisoreana took a big challenge: to re-ignite the spirit of true football. We set up any fans dreammatch: a team of 11 legendary players from the 80s versus a fans team.Fans from all over the country participated to an online competition, proving their skills, commitment andpassion. The match was broadcast live on the most important Sport TV Channel in Romania.Did: Development and implementation of the online communications strategy, coordination with amultidisciplinary team, from the Online Communication Specialist position and management of a 5 personsteam for the implementation of the online strategyResults-52 997 visits (100 000 total visits), more than 3 000 inbound links, over 70 blogs post, around 500 campaignmentions on Twitter, more than 400 people supporting the Facebook Cause-European gold on Mercatus Award for “Best demonstration of an integrated campaign", gold on Internetics2010 for the campaign of the year, Golden Drum , Silver Drum - Interactive Campaigns (2010), Silver Effie -Alcoholic Beverages - Beers & Wines (2011), Silver Effie - Media Efficiency (2011) More details
  9. 9. LOOKINGTo work with brands that I love or will fall in love withFor new challenges & great projectsFor a friendly working place were I can add and gain valueTo lovely, sociable, open minded partners, colleagues or collaboratorsI DELIVERResultsIdeas & initiativesSmiles & positive energyI APPRECIATEVariety and challenge in my responsibilitiesOpportunities to learn and advance
  10. 10. contact ANDREEA STANLinkedIn: blog@andreeastan.roPhone: 004 0722 78 69 32Blog: