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About O B V A Presentation

  1. 1. About OBVA www.online-business-virtual-assistant.com Ebay/Amazon Store Outsourcing & Small Business Virtual Assistance
  2. 2. Scope of this presentation 1. Who are we? 2. What we believe? 3. How we work? 4. What we do? 5. Ebay/Amazon Store Services – Budget Service Package - Presales – Find Product, Find Supplier - Promoting your store - Post sales – From Invoicing to Feedback Management 5. Internet Research Service 6. Social Media Marketing 7. Blogging Services 8. Cardscan Management 9. Working Model 10. Thank you!
  3. 3. We are a team of • Young yet Experienced • Creative yet Professional • Energetic yet Insightful,….. and • Highly Creative yet Accountable team of Virtual Assistants based in India. We work as a team to provide a bundle of services in a budget to our small business clients. Who are we?
  4. 4. What we believe? 1. Creating long term business relationships 2. Outsourcing needs to reduce costs and worries 3. Quality over Quantity 4. Timely Service Delivery 5. Reliable Services 6. Adding value to our clients’ business 7. Flexible Service 8. Integrity We don’t work for your competitor stores in same product
  5. 5. How we work?  Single service or bundle of services for cost savings  One point of contact  Always contactable  Feedback based approach  Regular reporting  You only pay for what you use  Flexible reporting structure  Back up Virtual Assistant at no extra cost Client Training Tasks Assigned Updates Feedback Reporting Outsourcing Manager Internet research Expert, Social Media expert, MS office expert, Blogger, Web designer
  6. 6. What we do? We offer budget yet High Quality services for 1. Amazon / eBay Stores 2. Online Businesses 3. Small Businesses  Choose 1 or 2 services  Choose a bunch  Pay for what you use only
  7. 7. eBay & Amazon Store Service We work to keep your customers happy! 1. Presales Services Internet Research – find new products to sell 2. Promoting your store and listings – SEO, marketing 3. Post sales – Complete service from shipping labels to feedback management
  8. 8. Presales Services – eBay & Amazon 2. Right Suppliers ? 4. Right Pricing Strategy ? 3. Who are your competitors? What are they doing? 1. New product Ideas? Our Internet Research Experts are great at finding all ANSWERS for you!
  9. 9. Promoting Your Store – Ebay /Amazon SEO optimize Listings SEO optimize Titles Promote your e-store in blogs Promote your store in Social Media Email marketing Target your listings Promote your store
  10. 10. Post Sales Total Service – eBay-Amazon Send Invoice – eBay Print Shipping labels Email customer support Replacement/refund track and manage Feedback track and manage Claims / Disputes track and sort Create reports Quality & Prompt Service Love your store! Your customer ?
  11. 11. Internet Research 1. Timely 2. Reliable 3. Organized 4. Relevant information for all your needs
  12. 12. Social Media Services  Research to identify the most suitable social media tools for your needs  Setting up Social Media Accounts  Integrating Social Media with Blog/Website  Sharing content and participating  Monitoring and tracking performance  Creating reports
  13. 13. Blog set up and Management Services We Set up, Manage, Monitor and Feed your blog while you can watch it grow!
  14. 14. Working Model Retainer Packages  10hrs/week  20hrs/week  40 hrs/week  Or more Project based outsourcing  Starting from 10 hr projects You only pay for what you use We roll over un-used hours for a month Try us today! We are risk free..
  15. 15. Thank you Contact us today to let us know how we can help! Email- quote@online-business-virtual-assistant.com