6 factors that determines your performance metrics in amazon by obva va's


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What makes a difference between a normal seller and a top rated seller? To achieve more sales, a top seller finds ways in each and every corner to improve his business. Successful selling not only relies on writing effective listing description for your products but you need to constantly check your Amazon selling metrics to ensure that you are good at managing your sales. So how would you like to improve your selling? You need to constantly look into the ways to manage your performance metrics in Amazon.
Here are the 6 factors that determines your performance metrics in amazon :

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6 factors that determines your performance metrics in amazon by obva va's

  1. 1. 6 Factors That DeterminesYour Performance Metrics In Amazon- By OBVA Virtual Assistants www.obvainc.com
  2. 2. Objectives of this PresentationIntroduction1. Customer Metrics2. On-Time Delivery Score3. Managing orders4. Including basic shipping information to buyers5. Customer service6. FeedbackConclusion
  3. 3. Objectives of this PresentationWho are we?What we believe?What we do?How we work?What we can do for your store?Working ModelThank you!
  4. 4. IntroductionWhat makes a difference between a normal seller and a top rated seller?A top seller finds ways in each and every corner to improvehis business. Successful selling not only relies on writing effective listing description for your products .You need to constantly check yourAmazon selling metrics to ensure that youare good at managing your sales.Here are the 6 Factors That DeterminesYour Performance Metrics In Amazon :
  5. 5. 1. Customer Metrics->> Amazon is improving its selling metrics to meet the expectation of its customers. As a store owner you need to check your seller performance metrics regularly. ->> Tamebay blog posted about Amazon introduce 24/7 communication metric requirements in which it says “Sellers who respond to 90% or more of their messages within 24 hours have nearly 24% less negative feedback than sellers who take longer to respond.” ->> Therefore, reply to your customer’s queries as immediately as possible. You can hire customer service professionals who are good at managing customer service for your store.
  6. 6. 2. On-Time Delivery Score->> Amazon has included on time delivery score, a new feature to achieve better customer satisfaction.->> Make sure that you ship your orders within 24-48 hours of purchase and confirm the order dispatch status in the manager order section to avoid negative scores on your selling metrics.->> Therefore confirm dispatch by including ship date, shipping suppliers (Royal Mail, USPS, UPS, Fedex) and the tracking numbers. Now you can easily check your on-time delivery score in the performance metric section and sell stuff on Amazon.
  7. 7. 3. Managing orders->> In Amazon and eBay about 2% of  negative Feedback for Amazon Online Store arise due to stock inventory issues.->> Make sure you check your order section regularly and when you go out for stock for some products, immediately check those listings in your Amazon store and change the listing status accordingly.->>If in case the buyer orders the products that you go out of stock for some reason, immediately contact your buyer explaining the situation, with an offer for replacing other new product or full refund. This simple effort can certainly help you avoid negative feedback
  8. 8. 4. Including basic shipping information to buyers->> Always try to include all basic shipping information when you ship items to your customers.->> According to Amazon seller support “Including tracking information for your shipments can help buyers verify the status of their packages and anticipate the delivery of their items”.  ->> When you communicate your buyers with basic information, it will assure about your store services that certainly avoids claims and feedback.
  9. 9. 5. Customer service->> When customer receive no reply for a stipulated time frame, they can tend to leave feedback. So be prompt in replying to your customer’s queries.->> If you need additional information to get back to them, ask them for some time to get back to them with the information.->> Do customer service twice a day for your store . This will greatly improve your selling metrics.->> If you do not have time to do it twice daily, hire  Amazon Virtual Assistants  to manage your store customer service, feedback and disputes.
  10. 10. 6. Feedback->> Feedback also measures your store performance. Failing to resolve your buyers problems affects your store ratings negatively.->>Try to avoid  7 Customer Service Mistakes That Can Get You Negative/Neutral Feedba .->> Contact your buyers with immediate and suitable solutions to solve their issues and concerns. It is always good to hire virtual assistants for your business to follow  4 Rules To Manage Positive Feedback Ratings For Clients.
  11. 11. ConclusionAs a store owner, you might be busy in other revenue generatingtasks for your business.However, to increase your selling and to manage a good score, youneed to hire assistants who can well take care of your business onyour behalf.We at OBVA take care of complete store outsourcing services forAmazon/eBay clients. Our customer service experts will keep yourcustomers happy by quickly sending professional replies to theirqueries. Hire us today to lead a worry free life 
  12. 12. What we do?Reliable and quality services at an affordable budget,for your• Amazon Online Stores• EBay Online Stores Services can be full time, part time and project based Choose the type of services Pay only for what you have used
  13. 13. eBay Store VA ServicesWe offer complete eBay Store Virtual Assistant Support so that you can delegate and relax. Our services include – Internet Research – Product, Price, and Competitors Writing & promoting your listings Order and inventory management Customer Service, Invoice, Feedback and Claim Documentation and reporting Blogging and Social Media Any other tasks that your online store might need done!
  14. 14. What we believe in? Complete eBay store outsourcing Reduce your operation costs &worries High quality service with efficiency Strict TAT followed Adding value to our clients’ business Flexible Service IntegrityWe don’t work for your competitor stores in same product
  15. 15. Our Client Training Updates Reporting Outsourcing manager Feedback Internet Research Expert, Social Media Expert, Admin Tasks, Blogger, Customer Service, Online Store Manager
  16. 16. How we work? Single service or bundle of services for cost savings One point of contact  Flexible reporting structure Always contactable  Back up Virtual Assistant at no Feedback based approach extra cost  You Only Pay for what you Regular reporting use
  17. 17. Working ModelRetainer Packages Project based outsourcing 10hrs/week 20hrs/week  Starting from 10 hr 40 hrs/week projects Or more You only pay for what you use We roll over un-used hours for amonth Try us today! We are risk free..
  18. 18. Lets get started!Step 1- Email usshilpi@obvainc.comStep 2 – Our Outsourcing Manager contacts you. We understand what you need.Step 3 – We start work!
  19. 19. Thank youContact us today to let us know how we can help!Email- contact@obvainc.com