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5 best keyword research tools to overcome your competitors in e bay and amazon


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If you want to become a top seller, and get more eBay starts and sell stuff on Amazon it is important that you need to conduct a market research for your business. Here are the 5 reasons why market research is very important to sell something in eBay and Amazon:

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5 best keyword research tools to overcome your competitors in e bay and amazon

  1. 1. 5 Best Keyword Research Tools ToOvercome Your Competitors In eBay/Amazon Business – By OBVAVirtual Office Assistants
  2. 2. Objectives of this PresentationIntroductionResearch Tool #1 :SEMRushResearch Tool #2 : SpyFuResearch Tool #3 : KeywordSpyResearch Tool #4 : Google AdWordsResearch Tool #5: Word trackerWho are we?What we believe?What we do?How we work?What we can do for your store?Working ModelThank you!
  3. 3. Introduction->> You may be the best amongst your competitor, but it’s of no use if your prospects cannot find you. Therefore  COMPREHENSIVE KEYWORD RESEARCH is unavoidable to sell something on eBay/Amazon. ->> Virtual Assistants from OBVA share the powerful and effective tools you can grab the best keywords so that you create the right content to target your prospects.
  4. 4. SEMRush->> SEMRush  is a great tool to chase your competitors.->> It is an enhancement of SEO digger and SEO quake.->> Thus it uses a large database that can pull out the relevant, potential and accurate keywords based on your query.
  5. 5. Advantages->> You can see the phrases that both you and your competitors rank well for.->> Finding out the organic keywords that drive traffic to your competitor’s site.->> Finding the top sites to advertise. Finding out the top ranking site for specified keywords. It uses a keyword crawler on 30 million strong databases.Limitations->> One of the disadvantages noted is that the data is up to 4 weeks old.->> Thus it uses a large database that can pull out the relevant, potential and accurate keywords based on your query.
  6. 6. SpyFu->> Like other tools, SpyFu  also helps you in finding the niche keywords for building good SEO for your site. ->> This is an effective tool for PPC, by finding your competitors keywords, their rankings, landing pages etc.->> This tool comes in paid version. You can use a 3 day trial for test drive at $6.75.
  7. 7. Advantages->>Thus it helps in spying your competitor’s keywords.->>This tool also helps you in comparing the market size share with your competitors.Limitations->> This tool is lit bit expensive if you are a small business owner.->> The accuracy is not reliable.
  8. 8. KeywordSpy->> KeywordSpy is the best research tool in market.->> If effectively used, you can rapidly increase your sales for sure. It comes both in free and paid version.->> Type the keyword or the competitor site you want to target.->> It will list out the keywords showing PPC rankings, the competitors competing for the keyword, it’s position of search ranking in Google etc..
  9. 9. Advantages->> Thus using this tool, you will able to find which keyword drives more traffic that in turn increases your ranking in major search engines like Google.->> By knowing the PPC for each keyword, you can use increase your bid amount if you use effectively in your site.
  10. 10. Google AdWords->> This is the common and widely used brilliant tool for PPC for chasing your competitors.->> This is a free tool. You can sign up for an account in  Googleadwordskeyword. ->> You will find a keyword research tool to find your niche competitors for your domain.
  11. 11. Advantages->> This tool can greatly help you select the appropriate domain name for good SEO.->> Laser focusing your targeting competitors based on country wise.->> You will get immediate results of which keywords are doing well and which doesn’t.Limitations->> Using this research tool alone won’t make good results.  ->> The reason is the conversion rate determines your business profit. Hence even if there is more traffic to your site, if your conversation rate is less, then you will not find any profit in your business.->> Hence it is advisable to use other effective keywords research tools with this to increase your income.
  12. 12. Word tracker->> Word tracker is the cost effective tool having a greater demand in the market.->> Both paid and free versions are available so that you can test drive your website to trust the quality and efficiency of this tool.->> If you are launching a new website or creating a niche blog related to your business then you can use this tool for your business.->> This tool comes with 100% money back guarantee to be ensured for its quality output.
  13. 13. Advantages->> You also have the facility of doing a ‘Reverse search’, that will provide you the keywords that your competitors are using to compete with your site.->> It uses a special formula called KEI(Keyword Effectiveness Index). For any keyword, the higher the KEI, the popularity is high.->> Thus if the KEI of your keyword is high, your chance of ranking in search engines is also high.Limitations->> The only limitation is that their database of search volumes is relatively low.
  14. 14. Day by day the competition is rising up to the peak in online business platform.  You as an entrepreneur may not have time in focusing all the tasks.  You can take assistance from Virtual experts as they are reliable, affordable and cost effective than regular employees.   If you need assistance to run your business, please contact us. We at OBVA do Internet Marketing Research,  social media marketing, niche blog content writing and  other services to our clients. We never work for your competitors. 
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  18. 18. Our Client Training Updates Reporting Outsourcing manager Feedback Internet Research Expert, Social Media Expert, Admin Tasks, Blogger, Customer Service, Online Store Manager
  19. 19. How we work? Single service or bundle of services for cost savings One point of contact  Flexible reporting structure Always contactable  Back up Virtual Assistant at no Feedback based approach extra cost  You Only Pay for what you Regular reporting use
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