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In this report, i will show you the best way to turn a love for coffee into an online business and succeed in it. Therefore, if you are very passionate about coffee or coffee drinking, then today is your lucky day.

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  1. 1. The Best Way To Turn Your Love For Coffee Into An Online Business Richard U Believe it or not, there are so many ideas you can convert into money. In this report, i will show you the best way to turn a love for coffee into an online business and succeed in it. Therefore, if you are very passionate about coffee or coffee drinking, then today is your lucky day. Before i get started, let me quickly point out here that this is not a get rich quick scheme or a short cut to any rich promises. This is purely research and brain storming which means at the end of this article, you will definitely find the best way to turn a love for coffee into an online business as there are many options to chose from out there. Top 20 Small Business Ideas For Coffee Lovers Still looking for small business ideas for your ideal online business with coffee? Here is a list that will cheer you up and please don’t forget that some of these ideas can be applied online and or offline. 1. Open an Obvious Coffee Shop and sell both online and offline 2. Niche Cafe shop for example taste or for flavor cafe 3. Offer Generic coffee online and offline 1/8
  2. 2. 4. Coffee Roasting Cafe. You can take orders online and source for your raw beans offline 5. Mobile Coffee Truck. Both online and offline selling 6. Offer Weight Loss Coffee which can be sold both online and offline 7. Medicinal Coffee e.g Coffee for stroke and liver disease as well as fighting depression. Although i have no idea why or what this does but i believe that a good brew is the way forward any time. 8. Branded Coffee cups or you can put your own style and designed on the cup. Can be sold both online and offline. 9. Reviewing all local coffee shops around you by setting up a coffee blog site. 10. Travel the world reviewing coffee shops and local cuisines by setting up a travel coffee lover blog site. You have no idea how many people this could benefit. 11. Develop a mobile app for ordering coffee online and connect with your local coffee shop owners. This means striking a good deal with them. 12. Producing Anti-Aging Coffee. Can be sold both online and offline. 13. Sell Coffee Bean Packaging 14. Design Coffee Bean Package for Coffee producers 15. Coffee Farming 16. Sell coffee related items 17. Review coffee blenders online and use affiliate marketing to sell the actual products 18. Review all sorts of coffee machines and use affiliate marketing as a means of monetizing your work. 19. Become a coffee shop critic online 20. Become a Customer Service Consultant for Coffee shop outlets near you or around the country. The lists above are not all there is and i am sure you can find more if you keep digging. You will be surprised to find out that “over 2.25 billion cup of coffee are consumed in the world daily. Over 90% of coffee production takes place in developing countries while consumption happens mainly in the industrialized economies”. Source: Wikipedia In the UK alone the market was worth more than £6.2bn with over 6.4% sales growth as of 2012. Source: Today you can imagine what the current market statistics will become with such growth. Business Plan For Turning Love of Coffee Into Online Business These options below are the most popular way to get started and also one that will require huge capital out lay if you have the money. 1, Do a feasibility study around your business idea or hire someone to do it for you. 2, Apply for a loan to get started with things like location, rent and equipment if you are looking to start offline first. 3, Go for an equity investment for a percentage of your business for example £200,000 or so for 40% of the business or less. 4, Check for your ideal company to make sure it is available. You can use Namecheap it is free to check and super reliable. 5, You will need a website or learn how to build one quickly 2/8
  3. 3. 6, Design a good customer service process 7, Set up email correspondence or set up a good Customer Relationship Management Software. You can start with BenchmarkEmail free plan which allows you 4000 contacts and email up to 14,000. You can change your plan when your subscribers start to grow out of control. 8, Research for free legal quotes depending on your location. 9, Open a start up business account and find a bank that will allow you have trading account without a trading history. 10, What kind of coffee bean will you be serving? The Arabic or Robusta. Source: Wikipedia 11, Who are your competitors and how are they delivering there services. Don’t forget that your business plan must include some figures with potential future projections or forecasting. This will serve as a guide to monitor your actual performance from your expected performances. How To Test For Profitability of Your Coffee Related Online Business Take for example you borrow £200,000 with a 10% current inflation interest rate to help you kick start your generic flavored coffee brand. Your expected pay back period is five years and your target market are the huge number of computer geniuses who works at all the Tech companies nearby. Lets break it down: 10% of £200,000 = £20,000. If your projected cash flow after tax is £40,000 every year up to year five then you can go ahead with the project because in exactly five year you would have paid off the borrowed fund. But with these statistics, i would say to look for something else or some other source of funding because it will take you up to five years to start seeing any profit of your own. Again lets say you are lucky enough to have an Uncle who decided to invest £200,000 for a 51% share of the business. That leaves you with 49% and yes with enough money to set up and running but are you ready to relinquish full ownership of your bright idea? The option above is well applicable to both online and offline coffee related businesses and will require huge investment. Plus accessing such amount of start up capital is not usually easy for everyone. On the other hand, if you have the capital and want to validate your startup ideas for viability, you can read up my top 9 ways to do so here. Now lets explore much less expensive and less moving parts options below. How To Sell Coffee Directly Online The secret to succeeding with this option is to buy low and sell high. With this strategy, you want to be an innovator. Meaning someone who sees something in a different way and make it work better. This method may involve direct handling of the actual coffee, packaging it and selling it online. The most less hassle and possibly most profitable approach to this method will be to start :- 3/8
  4. 4. Coffee bag designing Coffee packaging Packaging coffee for different target market Sourcing for generic good quality coffee Going directly to popular coffee brand companies and striking a cheaper deal. You will need to find a great coffee bean directly from the farmers or manufacturers at a relatively good price, then turn it around and sell online. Or alternatively look for farmers market online and start digging. If you are very good with technology you can develop an app that will allow folks to order good coffee near them and have it delivered straight to their door without breaking a sweat. Your premium will be the cost of convenience which by the way is the added value. Your ability to make money with this option depends on how well you can negotiate with the retailers or coffee shop owners. Alternatively, you can find a way to deliver your online coffee better in a much more cost effective way. Or better still find something different your competitors are not doing or not doing well and focus on doing it better. Another best approach to this method is to find great and popular in demand coffee companies and negotiate a very good price but again this is often difficult as it is always hard to beat the already established price with their retailers. And when you are able to get a good price, the next task will be to brain storm on how to sell it online and make profit. Considering the volume of competition out there. How To Start Selling Coffee or Coffee Related Products From Your Own Website Starting an online coffee business from your website will require that you have a product to actually sell on it. But before we dive into that these are a must have before you get started:- You will need a product(s) e.g what coffee bean? what flavor are you going for? are you going for brewing or coffee roasting? where do you source your coffee from and who are your suppliers? Next you will need a website and a very unique domain name and always go for the dot com domain as it proofs to have a wider reach in the world wide web. You will need to understand your target market, who they are what they like and how they behave in the market. You can use tools like to help you out especially with who your competition are and what best keyword to use. Or you can upgrade to Jaxxy unlimited access and unleash the full potential of the tool. You will need a shopping cart on your website to process payment. There are tons of free varieties out there but i will be careful to go for more secure ones even if you have to pay a little monthly premium. PayPal has a free check out button you can get started with. Then you are going to put your creative mind to work because to succeed in this business, you will need to constantly out think your competitors. The last but not the least is to take action. Where To Start Selling Coffee Directly Online There are a couple of trusted platforms you can go to to start selling your coffee directly online without you having to build a website or host it yourself. These platforms have everything set up and done for your. All you have to do is choose a niche domain name and you are good to go. Among them is Shopify which i think is the best place to get started as i have come across a couple of folk who are actually doing well by using their platform to sell items online. 4/8
  5. 5. You can find a full and insightful Shopify review here and read all you need to know about it before you jump start. In fact it is a must read before you buy a report. They have this 14 Days Free Trial thing going on which will be a good way to start testing the water with your online coffee ideas. Other platforms you can check out are:- BigCommerce Amazon FBA Amazon pretty much made it easy for any one to set up and running as you will not be worrying about storage. This approach will be best for selling coffee beans directly from manufacturer via fulfillment. The fees vary from type of accounts and you can scale down your cost by maximizing effort on whats performing better for you. Selling Coffee via an MLM This is a totally different way of selling coffee. It is basically a direct selling method which means you have to selling coffee in person. Now MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and the companies involved usually anchor their businesses around recruitment. You also have the choice of selling coffee online with MLM but mostly is a direct marketing thing which again may not suit everybody. Good example of MLM companies for coffee business are Javita and Organo. Nevertheless, there are costs associated to joining this companies and if you are thinking of going this route, below are the cost break down; Javita There are 3 types of starter kits to choose from when joining Javita; The Starter Pack which costs $99 The Business Pack which costs $499 And finally the Business Elite Pack which costs $999 Organo 5/8
  6. 6. They also have 3 types of starter pack kits which are; Bronze Pack $199 Silver Pack $499 Gold Pack $1245 They key motivation here is the compensation plan they claimed will make you rich but first you must have to buy into the starter packs. This again will cost you a little if not more money before you start to see any returns on your investment. Some of the MLM companies expect you to keep paying monthly subscriptions to maintain your membership. Others may not. As for the compensation plans, I am yet see or find anyone who has actually received one so far. Selling Coffee Via Affiliate Marketing This is by far the best approach to turning your love for coffee into an online business. Affiliate marketing makes the best sense because you are acting as a go between from those seeking to find best coffee and those who makes or manufactures coffee. You don’t have to purchase tons of products and you do not have to worry about any storage facility or packaging to product delivery. Your job is very simple; direct people looking to buy coffee to the best coffee makers you have reviewed. You are not directly selling the product to anyone, you are simply directing them. One thing with this approach is that you can start making money fast as an affiliate because you will be promoting brands that are already popular out there. Having a website with this method is very essential as this will be a platform where you will be reviewing and promoting top branded coffee products. Here is a list of top coffee affiliate programs you can join to test your marketing skills; Starbucks Amazon Associates Cafe Britt Three Avocados Coffee Tea and Coffee Coffee Program And many more Alternatively you can build a website that talks about coffee machines for example or any coffee related products you know will help people get the best out of there favorite coffee blends. Why Affiliate Marketing is Best for Your Online Coffee Business There are so many reasons why affiliate marketing is the best way to start your online coffee business. First, you do not need huge capital to get started and you do not have to worry about space, location or a physical 6/8
  7. 7. shop to get started. Even if you happen to gain access to a loan it will likely be a mortgage which will cost you a bunch of monthly payments plus you will need to put down 25% deposit on face value of property. If you are lucky to get an interest only loan, you will still have to pay the full value of the property as soon as the interest only term expires. And also you will need a good exit strategy in place which will ensure that your bank gets their money back. Secondly, you do not need to deal in any physical product or face storage worries as you will be reviewing and referring folk to the best coffee company you have reviewed on your website. Thirdly, you do not necessarily have to buy or test every coffee brand product out their before reviewing, although i will recommend you do so for a better knowledge and understanding of the product. At least to some degree. This way you can better connect with your readers and gain more reputation on what you do. Fourthly, affiliate marketing has become so popular that some organisations are even building a whole institution on the subject of teaching people how to become a supper affiliate marketer. You can pretty much put together the very tools you will need to get started if you know how to. The most challenging part of beginning an affiliate marketing online is understanding how everything works together to produce the required result. You will be faced with questions like; How do you build a website? What domain name to choose? What hosting service is best and secured? How do you promote your content? Where do you get your link? What traffic method to use and how to get traffics? And most importantly how do you make your first sale? You can reduce the amount of time it will take to achieve the above by getting advice and direction from an expert. Such expert experience can be filtered into a guide on how to do it right and start seeing results sooner. There are lots of places to learn how to do affiliate marketing but the best place I know of is Wealthy Affiliate which is by far the most reputable program designed to help newbies. The training program covers everything from finding your niche to setting up your website appropriate to turning your love for coffee into online business. The strong community and the 247 live chat found within ,plus the best One on One help and support you can get makes it the best place to start. Below are tips of the features; WordPress optimized servers The most secure hosting anywhere Full redundancy Daily backups 24/7 website monitoring Fully managed Email & forwards Site Health analyzing Website auto login Love for coffee can bring up lots of idea and there are many angles to choose from if you want to turn your love for coffee into an online business. Affiliate marketing has proven to be the best way to get started because it costs next to nothing. And with the right help, you can get up and running in no time 7/8
  8. 8. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn affiliate marketing. You can reach other members in live chat and talk to experienced experts who are willing to help instantly. I am a current member too and you can find me with any questions you need help with. About Author: My name is Richard U. am the owner of This research was born out of my passion for coffee and I want to share my findings with you in hope that you too can find ways to put it to good work. Join my email list and receive my periodical insights of an ongoing work that can help you build a solid foundation towards your online business. 8/8