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Site Navigation as a Marketing Tool | Increase Conversions with Oneupweb


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In this webinar, part of Oneupweb's Digital Distillery series, we offer a unique way of looking at site navigation, one that goes beyond good design and functionality. To improve lead generation and flatten the conversion funnel, start looking at your site navigation as a valuable marketing resource.

Good site navigation should personalize the navigation experience. Do you use language appropriate for your audience? Do you understand their problems? You should also recognize your own value: what can you offer, and how can you communicate that through your navigation? To get your customers through the conversion funnel, focus on what your customers need, which will dictate where they need to go. And make use of diagnostic navigation, which will improve self-qualification and ensure the best prospects are moving forward.

Site navigation begins with research. From market analysis to eye tracking studies, we've got the capabilities to set you up for success. Learn more at

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