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Easy Tips for Boosting Your Confidence & Killing It at Work| Oneupweb

In this presentation, Lisa Wehr, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency Oneupweb, offers four easy tips for boosting your confidence at work. Whether you're just starting out or need to brush up on your leadership skills and success mindset, knowing—and believing in—basic human psychology will go a long way toward killing it at the office. And remember—what's the worst that can happen?

Learn more about Lisa Wehr and Oneupweb at Want to see how she and her team have confidently strengthened the digital presence of clients in healthcare, education, ecommerce, and more? Check out Oneupweb's portfolio at

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Easy Tips for Boosting Your Confidence & Killing It at Work| Oneupweb

  1. 1. There’s always a “chink in the armor” to be exploited
  2. 2. Confidence is the same as
  3. 3. How can you build CONFIDENCE?(glad you asked)
  4. 4. Take a psychology class(learn about people)
  5. 5. Be in the “ thick of it” whenever you can(observe people with confidence in action)
  6. 6. Trust your “gut”(what’s the worst that can happen?)
  7. 7. Try something even if you risk failing(learn from your mistakes)
  8. 8. No one is perfect
  9. 9. Confidence comes with experience
  10. 10. You will become more comfortable with
  11. 11. who you are & the contributions you can make
  12. 12. 1.877.568.7477 ONEUPWEB.COM Let’s Connect!