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Look to the big brands for improving customer engagement and ecommerce sales via social media. Whether it's creating and regularly posting engaging and high-quality content, giving customers a forum for discussion, or thinking outside traditional mobile marketing, these social media strategies represent tips and tricks every marketer should use. Check out how Coca-Cola, Starbucks, National Geographic, Zappos, and Target use Pinterest, Facebook, and other platforms to do social marketing like champs.

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5 Social Media Strategies You Should Steal Today | Oneupweb

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  2. 2. Social media is the digital equivalency of word of mouth—one of the strongest commerce drivers.
  3. 3. Let’s look at five “big brands” who are making the most of their social media and see how to leverage their strategy for your social ecommerce efforts.
  4. 4. National Geographic’s YouTube Feed 5
  5. 5. National Geographic’s YouTube Feed 5 STEAL THEIR STRATEGY one of the most popular presences on YouTube It’s easy to understand why—National Geographic brings the remote, the spectacular and the innate, fascinating curiosity we all seem to share about the world around us directly to its users’ devices. CONTENT Fascinating & High Quality + UPDATES Regular & Frequent =
  6. 6. National Geographic’s YouTube Feed 5 CRAVE Users interesting & useful CONTENT THE ECOMMERCE LESSON
  7. 7. Zappos’ Facebook Page 4
  8. 8. Zappos’ Facebook Page 4 STEAL THEIR STRATEGY Zappos is not overly promotional of itself and it avoids overt marketing campaigns to get its message across. Instead, it’s a place for the Zappos fan base to discuss and talk about the various Zappos product offerings. Create FORTHE FANS
  9. 9. Zappos’ Facebook Page 4 STRENGTHS Play to the of a particular SOCIAL CHANNEL THE ECOMMERCE LESSON Facebook is a very visual medium—and Zappos’ page is full of vibrant product images.The channel is also very conversational—and Zappos never shies away from trying to engage its audience.
  10. 10. Target and Pinterest Rich Pins 3
  11. 11. Target and Pinterest Rich Pins 3 STEAL THEIR STRATEGY Pinterest Rich Pins contain information relevant to a consumer, including ratings and reviews for movies, and real-time inventory and pricing information for products. Brands were paying attention, but Target has best capitalized on the feature. Reports indicateTarget saw a 70% increase in visits from Pinterest after creating Rich Pins for its products. pins
  12. 12. Target and Pinterest Rich Pins 3 CAPITALIZEon the social commerce being created by the social commerce sites OPPORTUNITIES THE ECOMMERCE LESSON Pinterest—like other social channels—is always looking for ways to make social commerce possible, easier and more user friendly. Pay attention to these new developments and capitalize on the opportunities they offer.
  13. 13. Starbucks: Twitter- and Mobile-Based Marketing 2
  14. 14. Starbucks: Twitter- and Mobile-Based Marketing 2 STEAL THEIR STRATEGY In late 2013, Starbucks took mobile and social functionality a step further by enabling its customer base to buy friends a coffee viaTwitter.Through the @Tweetacoffee campaign, Starbucks brought in a $180,000 return over a short span of time. up a
  15. 15. Starbucks: Twitter- and Mobile-Based Marketing 2 MARKETINGworks in Direct response SOCIAL THE ECOMMERCE LESSON By capitalizing on the user’s mobile-readiness, creating a fun, easy and unique way to gift coffee and carrying a popular product, Starbucks demonstrates that social media can be leveraged to see positive returns from direct response marketing.
  16. 16. Coca-Cola: All Things Social 1
  17. 17. ACTIVE & RELEVANT Coca-Cola: All Things Social 1 STEAL THEIR STRATEGY Coca-Cola exemplifies the primary social directives: to stay active/relevant, to maintain a cohesive brand presence and to be fun—to foster the community. As one of the official partners of the 2014 World Cup, Coca-Cola has updated the design on each of its social properties to advertise this fact. Always
  18. 18. Coca-Cola: All Things Social 1 FOSTER YOUR COMMUNITY THE ECOMMERCE LESSON Activity, cohesive brand presence and direct engagement are not only best practices for social media—they’re the trifecta of a solid customer-service foundation and can form the heart of your ecommerce efforts. ACTIVE COHESIVE
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