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Infographic: The Many "Deaths" of SEOs

The “death” of SEO rings about as hollow as the death of Superman…

SEO doesn’t die. It simply changes. It’s the SEOs who fail to change with it—they’re the ones with limited lifespans.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry, and to avoid closing your coffin and ending up buried deep in search engines, consider looking back on some past SEOs. From the infamous Panda Update to local listings preferences, we present our latest infographic: the many "deaths" of SEOs.

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Infographic: The Many "Deaths" of SEOs

  1. 1. 1992–2015 Here Lies Terrible SEO He probably could have tried harder “ “ Jimmy McStuffins (?)–2003 “Gone, but not forgotten are the low-value, late-90s SEO tactics.” Blown Away by the Florida and Cassandra Updates The “death” of SEO rings about as hollow as the death of Superman. Sure in 1992 we all collectively shipped our pants, but he was back a year later. And so it seems to go with the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. SEO doesn’t die (and it won’t any time soon.) It simply changes; evolves. It’s the SEOs who fail to adapt. They’re the ones with limited life expectancies. THE BIG PENGUIN CRACKDOWN OF 2012 Google cans the SPAM Penguin cracked down on webspam, focusing on the quality of a website’s links. Penguin affected: » Spam factors, such as the number of poor- quality backlinks » Keyword stuffing » Thin sites using fluff content to rise to the top MEET THE DEPARTED A.P. (AFTER PANDA) Uniqua Bolt 2003–2005 “The effect was small at first, but then became significant over time.” Done-in by The 2005 Personalized Search Update Old Man Mills 2005–2011 “He lived by thin content, he died by heavy panda.” Squashed by the 2011 Panda Update MOBILEGEDDON The most recent update, Google started actively pushing down sites that were not mobile-friendly. The major implications of this are yet to be known… ENDANGERED SEOs Some algorithm updates—like the personalized search ones—took time before making noticeable/significant impacts (read: drops in site traffic.) » VINCE February 2009 Update meant to help brands stand out. In Google then-CEO Eric Schmidt’s words: “Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” » LOCAL SEARCH UPDATES 2005–Present Google continues to tailor itself to individuals and their personalized, local networks. » “NOT PROVIDED” October 2011 While this didn’t affect SERP rankings, it impacted the way and relative ease of how SEOs “do” SEO. » KNOWLEDGE GRAPH May 2012 This indirectly affected website rankings as Google began to provide information (birthdays, deaths, statistics/scientific factoids, weather, etc.) directly on the SERP, making clicking through to a website less necessary. 2005–(?) Local Search Updates 2012–(?) Knowledge Graph2011–(?) Not Provided 2009–(?) Vince • Content farms took the brunt of this update • Google cracked down on sites with fluffy, practically- worthless content • Massive linking from co-owned domains • Hidden text; hidden links • Doorway pages • Keyword stuffing • No longer a race to the top of the SERP • Individual’s past searches and social signals began affecting results 2015–(?) Who’s Next? Not you—as long as you keep following best practices and remember to adjust and adapt… SOURCES: THE MANY OF SEOs Is Your SEO at Risk? Oneupweb is ready to help you keep on track with the latest optimization changes, updates, and impending mass extinctions. INFO@ONEUPWEB.COM PIGEON PREFERED LOCAL In 2014 Google continued to narrow its focus on local search results. Google continues to focus on hyper-local results. SEOs who failed to pay heed to the importance of location-accuracy and local signals, storefront or service-area clients felt the hurt. Phantom Updates Google makes three- to four-hundred updates a year—barely any of them actually get named. Phantom SEOs tend to chase after these updates, to little avail. Producing good, quality content is the way.