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OneUpWeb: How much do you know about Google?

If only I could get more traffic from Google…
If only Google would take me out from under their thumb…
If only I knew how much of my professional life would be catering to the whims strategic, user-centric updates of search engines…
If only…
Those words were lamented by one of our SEOs and they’re not far off the mark from similar sentiments we hear from our paid media and even our designers.
Face it: If you’re working in anything digital related, it’s practically Google’s world—we’re just living in it.
This month, we shift our focus away from the only constant this industry knows (change) and dedicate ourselves to looking at all things Google.
In the coming weeks, we’ll unroll a few practical guides on analytics, franchise local listings and trusted stores. Our eZine contains some great editorial content on how to play nice with the search giant and even a short fictional piece where we imagine a life without Google.
Welcome to Month Google.


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