Covering a press conference day's work


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Covering a press conference day's work

  1. 1. The OSU reporting team was at the Coke Studio Season2 LaunchWe were trying to not be very star struck!
  2. 2. Capturing the moment!After some pushing and shoving we managed to beat many reportersand camerapersons to it... And we learnt our basic journalistic lessons..Read along
  3. 3. Lesson 1 – Hearing is believingMake sure your ears are waxed, because you miss a word and you couldrisk missing a story
  4. 4. Lesson 2 – Look thoughtful... No wait, BE thoughtfulThink on your feet... Assimilate and ask more questions
  5. 5. Lesson 3- Angle out your best shot!Good camera angles are not always good for your back. Get your dose ofYoga everyday for getting that perfect shot
  6. 6. Lesson 4- Ask tough questionsBehind this smile was couched a real toughie – “I DID NOT like COKEStudio last year – how different will it be this year?”
  7. 7. Lesson 5- Keep your team happyTV crews are all about coordination! Look at this well-oiled, well co-ordinated team from CNN-IBN
  8. 8. Lesson 6- It can be lonely out there as well...Getting that best shot can be a lonely endeavour ...
  9. 9. Lesson 7- Stick out from the crowdSame event, gazillion reporters.... Keep thinking about what you can doto stick out... Journalistically, we mean 
  10. 10. Lesson 8- Ask Karsh Kale for an interviewWe asked and we got. Don’t be afraid to ask. Journalism is many ways isabout being fearless... Want to know what he told us about journaliststhat write about him? Click here