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Taking JavaScript SEO to the Next Level | TechSEO Boost


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This is the presentation Tomek Rudzki presented at TechSEO Boost on December 5, 2019. The research presented here won Tomek the TechSEO Boost Research Award.

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Taking JavaScript SEO to the Next Level | TechSEO Boost

  1. 1. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost
  2. 2. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost Hello! My name is Tomek and my research is quite geeky... but it affects everyone - SEOs, developers and business owners. During the last couple of months, I have been analyzing the most popular ecommerce websites in the USA. And it turned out that 80% of them use JavaScript to generate crucial content. The question isn’t whether you have a JavaScript website. The question is: Is JavaScript stopping your content from being indexed?
  3. 3. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost indexing JavaScript content is never guaranteed! My research concluded that H&M, Sephora, Medium - all these websites suffer from it. Below are the percentages of unindexed JavaScript content: 25% 55% 50% Let’s look at the story of They are a popular online brand similar to H&M with 14 million visitors every month. The problem with Yoox is that 75% of their product pages are unindexed because of JavaScript.
  4. 4. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost You might remember Google claiming that they are fine with indexing JavaScript websites in 2014. It’s almost 2020 and businesses are still losing a lot of money because of this very issue. For years, people were neglecting JavaScript SEO believing it doesn’t affect them: “It’s not for me”, “I don’t have a JavaScript website”,“Google is perfectly fine with rendering JavaScript”. Well, you may suffer from JavaScript indexing issues even if you have a Wordpress website. If you use JavaScript to generate content, links to similar products, comments - you have a JavaScript website.
  5. 5. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost Based on my research, we built a tool that shows how Google indexes JavaScript content. It’s called TGIF – The Google Indexing Forecast. You can also use our toolset to see exactly which parts of your page are generated by JavaScript. These tools are free and my continued research means more are coming.
  6. 6. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost My research shows two things: You are using a JavaScript website1 The chances are your content is not indexed2 These two facts alone change how we should look at technical SEO in 2020.
  7. 7. Tomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoostTomek Rudzki | @TomekRudzki | #TechSEOBoost Thank you!