Manipulating The Light


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Oneinfocus - Photo Shoot.

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Manipulating The Light

  1. 1. B”H Manipulating The Light 1st April 2010
  2. 2. Suburban Maryland 6:15pm, one hour before sunset Michoel heads out on a photo shoot and...
  3. 3. Suburban Maryland stumbles upon a local pond.
  4. 4. Says Michoel “Every time I take a photo, I see the ‘created piece’ even before I lift the camera to my eye”
  5. 5. The Scene at 6:30pm
  6. 6. However... Through Michoel’s eye a completely different scene is imagined.
  7. 7. Manipulating the Light Michoel decreases the size of the lens aperture. Now less light enters the camera and the scene is darker (underexposed).
  8. 8. Off Camera Flash He adds a touch of wirelessly controlled flash to light up the bench! Nikon Flash
  9. 9. Final Photo With the end result in mind - Michoel contemplates the goal of the photo: Spread the wellsprings of Chassidic teachings, globally.
  10. 10. The Result The angels reside in the palace and serve the King with certainty. The Jewish people sit outside and fulfill His will. Since they have a choice, G-d considers them His most beloved servants.
  11. 11. Until the next... photo shoot - Good Shabbos from Michoel, Sarah and The Oneinfocus Team.