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Clean Engines Inc Presentation


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Clean Engines Inc Presentation

Published in: Technology, Business
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Clean Engines Inc Presentation

  1. 1. Change is in the air
  2. 2. 4,000,000,000people breathe toxic air every day in Asia and emerging markets
  3. 3. =The pollution from one 2-strokemotorcycle equals that of 50 automobiles.There are over 100 million 2-strokesin Asia alone – the pollution equivalent of5 billion cars.There are only 800 million carsin the entire world.
  4. 4. Clean Engines retrofit kits: Reduce tailpipe emissions up to 90%Save drivers more than 70% in operating costs Double driver income
  5. 5. Addressable market • Sales of 1M units to a market of 10M+ • 500 first generation gasoline 2-stroke retrofit units have more than15M miles on-the-road use • Strong partnerships with Tricycle Driver Operators Associations, Local Governments5
  6. 6. Development stage • Finalizing commercialization of retrofit injection technology • Prototype pilot testing • Ramp up for commercial production • Complete current capital round6
  7. 7. CEI retrofit kits • Conversion to fuel injection - Reduces emissions up to 90% - Increases fuel efficiency up to 40% • Conversion to gaseous fuel - Reduces driver costs - LPG/CNG fuels are 30-40% cheaper7
  8. 8. Focused business model • No upfront cost to purchase retrofit kit • Affordable, prearranged loan • Easy repayment system • Quick payoff period • Drivers pocket more money even while repaying loan8
  9. 9. Factors for success • Strong business &political partnerships • Triple bottom line/shared value • Low risk for CEI, banks, driversCEI’s David Williams with Philippine President Aquino • Sustainable business model • Asia-based ongoing product R & D Engine retrofit kit parts 9
  10. 10. The CEI team is experienced in …• Emerging markets• Retrofit and gaseous fuels technologies• Global supply chain management• Banking and capital management• Large company management• Sales and marketing experience in emerging markets• Technology Advisory Group: leading global experts on injection, gaseous fuels, local context 10
  11. 11. Benefits millions | Yields sustainable profit• Triple bottom line – People | Doubles take home income of low income taxi drivers – Planet | Reduces pollutants by millions of tons – Profit | Provides a significant rate of return• Implementation within a year• The people, business model, technologies and partners needed to succeed• $6M total capital to fund 5-year business plan• Tricycle retrofits are “Act I”; additional markets and technologies will follow 11
  12. 12. $6 Million Delivers. . .12
  13. 13. . . .a tremendous 5 year impactCarbon credit potential $122 MTotal carbon not released 1.6 M tonnesDrivers + families served 1MPeople breathing better air 100 MNon-renewable fuel saved 132 M gallons