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4 Psychological Factors of Brand Awareness


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Some factors that trigger strong emotions and feelings are more likely to have an impact on customers, create engagement and make them advocates of a brand.
Here are 4 psychological factors that play an important role in brand awareness.

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4 Psychological Factors of Brand Awareness

  1. 1. 4 PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS OF BRAND AWARENESS COLOR Customers’ beliefs and purchase decisions are largely affected by emotions created by the colors of your marketed products and branding. Purple: Creativity, Imagination Red: Willingness, Enthusiasm Orange: Kindness, Joy Yellow: Amiability, Optimism Green: Peacefulness, Wholeness Blue: Dependability, Trust CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE VISUAL STORYTELLING SOCIAL INFLUENCE CREATED BY ONETEAM.GR CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 94% OF PEOPLE WOULD MOST PROBABLY ADVOCATE A BRAND IF THEY ARE POSITIVELY ATTACHED TO IT. Positive experiences and high involvement around your products, services and promotional items by your customers enhance the overall popularity of your company. Form a strategy that isn’t only about customer service Give attention to all customers by personalizing their experiences    Get customers emotionally engaged to your brand Let your customers know that you feel their needs Make clear to customers how reliable it is doing business with your brand A high level of social interactivity has an impact on perceptions and ultimately increases sales. Create a social media posting strategy  Establish an outgoing personality to your brand by utilizing multiple media and channels Connect with your audience by answering questions, sharing content or retweeting   Don’t stick to one method or medium for communicating Capture the attention and interest of your audience by using attractive and powerful visuals Promoting values that relate to people’s personal characteristics is becoming more and more effective lately in making customers loyal. Promote certain beliefs and ambitions through your brand Create an identity for your brand and engage with customers through storytelling Shape your marketing around your brand’s values and ethics Urge customers to share their own narratives