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Paper Towel Bathroom Tissue Kleenex Dispensers


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Washroom Supplies: Paper Towel Bathroom Tissue Kleenex Dispensers

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Paper Towel Bathroom Tissue Kleenex Dispensers

  1. 1. Item PAPER TOWELS PAPER TOWELS Item Color W" x L' RL/CS Color Type /CS 104026 Kraft 8 x 205 24/CS 104008 Kraft SingleFold 250SH 16PK 104025 White 8 x 205 24/CS 104001 White SingleFold 250SH 16PK 104035 Kraft 8 x 425 12/CS 102013 White 11"Household 80SH 24/CS 104040 White 8 x 425 12/CS 104061 White 8" Centre Pull 600' 6/CS 104037 Kraft 8 x 800 6/CS 104085 White 8"KimClark 1000' 6/CS 104055 White 8 x 800 6/CS 104015 Kraft Multi-Fold 400SH 10/PK Baywest, Decor, Mert Brands WhiteSwan, KimClark, Acclaim Brands TOWEL DISPENSER TOWEL DISPENSER Item Description Color Item Description Color 106017 Kitchen /Household 11" Chrome 106200 Centre Pull Towel Dispenser Black Holds 102013 Household Towel Holds 104061 Centre PullTowel 106013 Dispenser Universal White Holds Single Fold & 8" Towel 205' Sanitary NO TOUCH Dispenser SJ1200 Dispenser Lever Roll Black 106125 KimClark Dispenser White Holds 8" Towel Roll 425'-800' Holds 104085 8"x1000' Towels 6/CS Frost, San Jamar, Baywest Brands San Jamar, Kimberly Clark Brands TOILET TISSUE TISSUE DISPENSERS Item Description /CS Item Description Color 108003 T. T. Softex 2ply420sh 48/CS 112011 Double Roll Dispenser Chrome 108000 T. T. White Swan #05134 48/CS Holds 108003 T. T. SmallRolls 108004 T. T. Decor 2ply 420sh 48/CS 108009 T. T. Premium 418sh 2ply 40/CS SJ6000 Single Jumbo Jr. Dispenser Black 110001 T. T. Jumbo Jr. #1000 2ply 8/CS Holds 110001 T. T. #1000 JboJr 116021 Facial Tissue Softex 30/CS 116020 Facial Tissue Kleenex 36/CS 112002 Twin Jumbo Jr. Dispenser Blue* Holds 110001 T. T. #1000 JboJr. Other Sizes & Brands Available Frost, San Jamar Brands (*Black available) FOAM HAND SOAP KimCare WIPERS/RAGS Item Description Refill 6/CS Item Description 160045 Foam Soap 800ml Pink Floral RAGS L80003 White T-Shirt Rags Lint Free 25LB/BX * 160046 Foam Soap 800ml Blue w/Moist. L80020 Color Fleece Mixed Rags 25LB/BX * 160044 Foam Soap 1000ml Anti-Bacterial KimCare Dispensers take both 800ml & 1000ml Refill *Priced per LB, Sold per Box of 25lbs WIPERS 05320 L10 Utility Wipes Pop-Up 125/BX 58399 L20 High Absorbant Pop-Up 176/BX 162054 Kimberly Clark Dispenser White 41600 X70 Workhorse Jumbo Roll Oil/Grease 162053 Kimberly Clark Dispenser Black 80595 Dispenser, Jumbo Roll Black Kimberly Clark, Professional Visit for full line Holds 1000ft One Source Supplies Products may have brand change or vary! K29