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Floor Cleaners Brooms Mops Buckets Garbage Bags


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Janitorial Floor Care: Floor Cleaners Brooms Mops Buckets Garbage Bags

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Floor Cleaners Brooms Mops Buckets Garbage Bags

  1. 1. J54461 Floor Squeegee, 36"L Curved GARBAGE BAGS Item SIZE /BX Strength Item SIZE CLEAR BLACK H38070 22x24 500 Regular H36050 24x22 H38080 26x36 200 Strong H36150 26x36 H38170 35x50 100 Xstrong H36381 35x50 H38501 42x48 100 Xstrong H36342 42x48 OTHER SIZES, STRENGTHS AVAILABLE FLOOR CLEANERS BROOMS Item Description 4Lx4BTL/CASE Item Width U/M STRIPPERS CORN BROOM J68010 Turbo-Strip, EcoLemon Scent Low Foam J04005 Yard Broom Cane Centre 3-Wire EA J68101 Supper-Stripper, Power Pack Concentrated J04010 Factory 100% Broom 3-Wire EA SEALERS BROOM HEAD J76010 Terra-Seal, Hard Surface Burnishable J10104 14"L Tampico Med Weight EA J76020 Satin-Seal, Acrylic Concrete, Brick,Floors J10300 18"L Tampico Med Weight EA J10501 24"L Tampico Med Weight EA FINISHERS J10713 36"L Tampico Med Weight EA J80060 Check-Out, Hard Film, Malls, Supermarket J80065 1st Impression, Wet Look No Burnish/Buf J80070 Turbo High-Shine, Buffable, Burnishable MAINTAINERS HANDLES Item Width U/M J72006 Deep-Scrub, Cleans W/out Stripping For BROOM HEAD, J80050 Turbo-Restore, Concentrated Restorer J06001 54"L Threaded Tip Wood Handle EA J06205 54"L Metal Tip Wood Handle EA MOP HEADS J06050 60"L Threaded Tip Wood Handle EA J06206 60"L Metal Tip Wood Handle EA Item Description U/M J06410 24-36"L Metal Broom Brace EA J34300 Cotton 20oz Water Absorber EA J34503 Cotton 24oz Water Absorber EA DUST PANS J22422 Dust Pan Black Metal EA J34302 Synthetic 20oz Narrow Cut End EA J22457 Dust Pan Upright +Broom/40"Hdl EA J34502 Synthetic 24oz Narrow Cut End EA NFSYL20 Nylon 20oz Finishing Mops EA NFSYL24 Nylon 24oz Finishing Mops EA DUST MOP TIE-ON-TYPE SPONGE MOP FLOOR CARE ACCESORIES Item W" x L" U/M Item Description Sold by the Each COMPLETE-MOP,FRAME,HDL J38507 5 x 18 BLUE EA J58049 Handle, 1 1/8" Tapered Wood J38508 5 x 24 BLUE EA J14957 Bucket & Wringer Combo 26-32 Qt J38509 5 x 36 BLUE EA Side-Press Yellow J38510 5 x 48 BLUE EA J14959 Bucket & Wringer Combo 26-32 Qt OTHER TYPES, & SIZES AVAILABLE J62012 Downward Pressure Yellow "Caution-Wet Floor" Sign English SWEEPING/ABSORBENT Item Description U/M N58060 Sweeping Compound 300LB DR N58048 Sweeping Compound 50LB BX N58062 Sweeping Silica Free 300LB DR* N58049 Absorbent Oil Diatomite 25LB BG* N58050 Absorbent Oil Standard 40LB BG *EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Products may have brand change or vary! - J38355 Handle, 54"Snap-On Fiberglass EA RU6435 Sponge Mop Complete 12" EA J38350 Handle, 54" Q-Change Metal EA RU6436 Refill Only for RU6435 EA One Source Supplies Products may have brand change or vary! K29