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Credit Application for Terms


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If you would like to apply for Terms of Net 30 Days please click on this link APPLY FOR TERMS This Application can take up to 3 1/2 - 4 Weeks to Approve, Upon Approval you will be notified by email with details. This option will allow you to Pay with a Company Cheque, Direct Deposit, eMail Transfer or Credit Card within a 30 day limit from the date of the Order. Scan and Email filled out application to or FAX Filled out Form to: 1-206-339-7521

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Credit Application for Terms

  1. 1. Credit Application Form for New Accounts Legal Name: __________________________________________Trade Name (if different): ______________________________________________ Bill To Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ Unit or Suite #: _____________ City: _____________________________________________________________________ Province: ___________Postal Code: _________________ Ship To Address (if different):_______________________________________________________________________Unit or Suite #: _____________ City: _____________________________________________________________________ Province: ___________Postal Code: _________________ Name of Buyer: _________________________________Telephone: _______________________ Ext.: ________Fax: ________________________ Buyer e-mail address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Type of Business: ______________________________________ Number of employee’s: ________ Business Classification: Proprietorship Partnership Corporation in business since: _________________ Purchase Orders Required: Yes No HST or Business Number if Required #: _______________________________________________ Invoice in e-mail: Yes No Invoice by Fax: Yes No A/P Contact: ___________________________________Telephone: _______________________ Ext.: ________Fax: ________________________ A/P e-mail address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Charge to your credit card Yes No Card Type: Visa M/C Amex Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expiry Date: ____________/__________ Your Financial Institution: ___________________________________________________ Branch: _______________________________________ Telephone No.: _____________________________Fax No.: ___________________________ Contact: ____________________________________ Trade References (Please Print Clearly) (1) Company: _______________________________________________Tel: ( )____________________ Fax: ( )____________________ (2) Company: _______________________________________________Tel: ( )____________________ Fax: ( )____________________ (3) Company: _______________________________________________Tel: ( )____________________ Fax: ( )____________________ We the above authorize One Source to make the usual credit inquiries regarding the credit applied for and consent to the disclosure of any information to any credit operating agency or firm with whom the undersigned may have financial dealings. All invoices are due and payable in full on/before the 30th day from the date of the invoice.